Unusual Things To Do in Venice

Venice is one of the most known Italian cities, so maybe many people may think that Venice can’t have any secrets…

But this is not true!

Venice is charming not only thanks to its romance atmosphere, small calle, canals, bridges and breathtaking views on Canal Grande. It is unique above all thanks to its ancient tradition and unique history: only in one city in the world you can find Gondola like usual transportation or you can take part in an unforgettable Carnival, to relive the Middle Ages when a masks meant liberty and transgression!

If it is not your first visit in Venice and you have already explored Rialto Bridge, St. Mark Basilica and Ducale Palace, it’s time to discover the Secret Venice! And dive into the more unusual things to do in Venice.

Unusual things do to in Venice

1. Gondola ride…but with cicchetti tasting!

A gondola ride is something classic, a must not to be missed. But why don’t take advantage of a real local Venetian and ask for a stop in a real bacaro?!?!! A bacaro is a typical restaurant where you can taste the cicchetti, different fish snacks with a glass of wine…a real “Venetian aperitivo”! Or add a secret Venice guided walking tour after your ride?

2. Murano glass workshop

A stop in Murano island is another must, but also in this case you can live an unique and unusual experience. Indeed it is possible to take part in a workshop to make your jewel in Murano glass, like a real Italian craftsman!

3. Carnival mask workshop

The Carnival of Venice is one of the most ancient and important in the world. Taking part at the Carnival of Venice could be really expensive, and you can learn more about its history taking part in a workshop. You’ll breathe the atmosphere of a real mask atelier, between paper mache, colors and tempera and you’ll realize your own mask showing your artistic creativity!

4. Helicopter tour…only for the brave

The emotions of fly over Venice, St. Mark Square, the Venetian Lagoon or Murano and Burano island are really unique! It is a different way to explore the city and to remain fascinated by the breathtaking views

5. The secret churches

An itinerary for art lovers cannot miss a stop in the Jewish ghetto, rich in secrets and charming churches, like Santa Maria dell’Orto Church. Other two lesser known churches rich in art masterpieces of Canova and Titian are the Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari and the Church of Santa Maria della Salute

What are you waiting for to discover the city of love and water from a different perspective with these Venice tours? There’s plenty of unusual things to do in Venice, apart from the typical touristy activities.

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