Travel Tips for Brabant Wallon, Belgium

 Travel Tips for Brabant Wallon, Belgium

Right beneath Brussels you’ll find this little Belgium region Brabant Wallon. You might not have heard of it, but I’m sure you do know Waterloo. Yes, that’s already Brabant Wallon.

But there is more to explore in the region!

In our first travel tip about Brabant Wallon we have introduced you to the city of Louvain-la-Neuve with its Tintin museum and Museum L, but also to activities like disc golf, the fabulous event “Night of Choir” at Villers Abbey, some local beer specialities and have shared some background info about the city itself. Check out the article and its video.

That was a good start, but a bit more action wouldn’t be bad, right? So the next day we went to the…

Aventure Park

This high rope course in Wavre is so much fun! I’ve been to several high rope courses already, so many so that I should be a certified judge at comparing courses, and Adventure Park is definitely one I can recommend. Aventure Park is situated on a little hill above the city of Wavre where you’ll have a nice view looking out onto the city. The park is huge and has so many different things to offer. You definitely won’t get bored and the fun starts at the age of 4 if you’re bringing children along too!

There are different packages you can choose from, but I recommend to plan in enough time to do them all.

They have several courses, ziplines and jumps, and each course has its own kind of thrill and excitement. Why not start easy and go for the Fly Line? It’s similar to a zipline, but instead of soaring in a straight line, you will be gliding through the forest, including curves. Yes, you’ll turn left and right between trees, including circles. It’s a very smooth ride at only 10 km/h, which is 320 meters long and descending at 35 meters.

Have you ever dreamed of being a stuntman? Then give it a try here and jump onto a gigantic 100m² inflatable mattress. There are two jumps, one lower one (5 meters) to get the feeling for it and then the 8-meter jump to get that adrenaline pumping. The 8-meter jump is actually just above the other, but that’s the one to go for.

Zipline courses at Aventure Park

Now that your adrenaline is pumping, the next step should be to climb up some of the 19 zipline courses. Everyone has to start with an easy one. So depending on your age, you start with the yellow or green course. Next level would be red and then you can go for black. If you’re active and fit, all of these courses are quite manageable. Don’t forget to keep your power for the end when you’re ready to hit the black course. It’s all about technique and how your mind copes with the heights.

The courses are widely spread throughout the forest, which means you’ll still be able to enjoy your own space in nature regardless of how many other visitors are around the park.

The final adrenaline rush could be the 20-meter bungee jump if you’re up for the challenge!

After so much action, you might get hungry. The Aventure Park also has a bistro where you’ll find fries, noodles and drinks for low prices. You can also bring your own food and sit down at one of the picnic areas.

Check out and buy some quality juice at Farm “Vergers de la Chise”

It’s all about apples here. Verger de la Chise is a family owned farm. The family decided to leave the meat business many years ago and then shortly after began planting apple trees. They love their apples and make sure their quality shines through in their products. If you enjoy fresh juice, then you should not miss a stop at their farm shop to buy some top quality apple juice.

I bought 17 liters and half of it was gone after a few days later, haha. There are different flavors to try, like apple/pear, apple/raspberry, apple/plum, apple/strawberry… just ask to try them all. They also sell some other products in their shop as well including local honey and vegetables.

Chill at the Provincial Estate of Hélécine

This estate is a neo-classic classified castle of the 18th century and it looks gorgeous. It’s not open to the public, but you are able to rent it to host your wedding or other large events there. The dome will definitely impress your friends and guests. Behind the Provincial Estate of Hélécine, you’ll find a huge park surrounding three lakes. That’s the perfect place to stroll around, sit down the grass and relax.

You’ll also find a cafe, which you’ll find right next to the park. Here you can try some special Belgian beers, which will be hard to find anywhere else, like the “Mousse’tico”, “Big Nose”, “La Corne”, “Brugse Zot” “Saint Joseph”, “Helecine”, “Westmalle Trappist”, “La Trappe Trappist” or “GenGoulf”. There is a big playground right next to the cafe, which makes this place very family friendly. The parents might be lucky enough to catch some live music during the weekends.

Dinner at the Koru Hotel

Dine in style at the Koru hotel and make sure that you arrive a bit earlier so you can stroll through their amazing gardens. You’ll be welcomed by a bigger grassland area, but don’t stop there, it’s important that you go further. Behind that grassland, the garden scene changes completely. I won’t go into more detail, as you should explore it more yourself.

When you feel hungry, enjoy a delicious meal. I chose The Dove and it was yummy. The restaurant only has a few tables, so make sure to reserve yours ahead of time. If you are looking for a place to stay, then you should check out their rooms too. They are very cozy and you’ll notice that the owner has a nice touch for decoration too.

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