Traditional Finnish Sauna Experience

The people of the North are no ordinary folk. And neither is the traditional Finnish sauna experience…

Their idea of relaxation: dipping in freezing water after heats in a steaming-hot sauna.

This is truly something else than a trip to the nearby spa! Sauna is the essence of Finnish tradition and culture. 

Traditional Finnish sauna experience

In Finland, most houses and apartments have a sauna and it’s used many times a week. When a family or group of friends go to sauna together; everyone is naked. But this is not a rule; you can always wear a bathing suit or towel and this also applies when men and women go to sauna together. 

Finnish sauna culture

There is no set time to staying in sauna: the only rule is that stay as long as it feels good. Between the heats you can go cool off outside; go swimming or rolling in the snow. You can always return back to the sauna. And you can repeat this cycle as many time as you want! And always remember to throw water on the stove, also the electric heated one.

The steam, called “löyly” is the spirit of the Finnish sauna.

Traditional Finnish Sauna Experience 

Ice Sauna, built from blocks of ice, is a truly hot and cold experience!

Finnish sauna benefits

Sauna also has great health benefits: it is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for the body and mind. It cleanses skin pores, alleviates aches and pains and helps you sleep more soundly. Sauna is suitable for everyone, from small children to grandparents!  

Traditional Finnish sauna in Ruka-Kuusamo

For travellers, a great first Finnish sauna experience is waiting in Ruka-Kuusamo area in Lapland. There you can experience true well being in wilderness. Part of the programme is the unique SAUNATOUR with nine different sauna experiences to choose from.

For example a Finnish smoke sauna, traditional lakeside sauna, Ice Sauna, Ski-In Sauna, Saunayoga or sauna with Sauna Therapy Treatments. Unlike any other spa around the world, these treatments are a social event. Together in the sauna we make scrubs and mask from the Lappish wild herbs and traditional Finnish remedies, like peat and tar. 

The key idea of SAUNATOUR is that it’s always guided! Your Sauna Guide welcomes you to the sauna and tells you about Finnish sauna culture and why it is so important to Finns. Sauna Guide also shows what to do in the sauna.

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