Top Things to Do in Norway

The Kingdom of Norway as some call it is not just another vacation destination. It is THE ultimate vacation destination – because there are many things to do in Norway.

But everything good comes with a price. Norway is not a cheap country. It is one of those places for which you must start saving at least a year ahead unless of course you are super rich. In that case you don’t even need to buy miles. Just straight up book your flight, pack your bags and head out for the vacation of a lifetime.

Top things to do in Norway

To be able to watch the magical northern lights is a dream for many travelers. Visiting Norway and not witnessing the northern lights would be a futile trip, to be honest. For many years, explorers have been in awe of this strange yet beautiful phenomena. It has been a subject for scientists, poets, writers and explorers for many decades now. These lights appear at night and are a stunning sight to behold.

Explore Oslo

The capital of Norway, Oslo is quite a fun city to explore. Its vibrancy and modern surroundings are popular all over the world. Nobel Peace center, Akershus Fortress, Fram Museum, Vigeland Museum, Royal Palace Oslo (only accessible in summers), Frogner Park, Museum of cultural history, Norway’s resistance museum, Oslo city museum, Sognsvann lake, National gallery, Oslo Opera house, Old Aker Church and Ibsen Museum are some of top attractions in the city. If you haven’t guessed it already, Oslo is home to a great number of museums and those who enjoy history and art love it here. The eateries in the capital city also serve excellent food, and there is a huge variety of accommodation available.

Hike in Stavanger

Stavanger is one of the larger metropolitan cities in Norway. It is very popular for hiking and is also home to many museums. For hiking, tourists make way to the Preikestolen Cliff. From the top, you can enjoy stunning views, so try carrying a camera with you. Thrill seekers can also leap from the cliff. But it is something only a few dare to try. Another major attraction in the city is the Stavanger Cathedral.

Explore Architecture in Trondheim

This is the third largest city in Norway. The highlight of Trondheim is the architecture. Nidaros Cathedral, Stiftsgarden and Kristiansten Fortress are some of the most popular architectural sites in the city. The beautiful Gråkallen Mountain is also located here.

Experience Nature in Bergen

Bergen is definitely one of the highlights in Norway. Visitors believe that the raw natural beauty, serenity and calmness of this city is matchless. In Bergen, tourists particularly enjoy the colorful wooden buildings referred to as the Bryggen and the several mountain peaks for hiking and exploring.

Damgardsfjellet, Blamanen, Lyderhorn and Lovstakken mountains are the most popular peaks here.

Best part?

You will find swings, slides, seesaws and other rides in the middle of nowhere on the mountains as you climb up. This is really entertaining for those with kids. The views from the mountains are breathtaking.

For first-time travelers, read our Norway tips to help your planning.

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