Tips on How to Stay Safe in Prague

Prague is now one of the most popular cities to visit for couples, photographers and backpackers due to its unique architecture and colourful history.

However tourists should be aware of the following Prague safety tips when on holiday in the Czech capital.

Crime is no worse in Prague than any other European capital but you should stay alert, so we have compiled these safety tips to help you enjoy your time in this historic city.

Prague Taxis safety tips

Taxis in the streets will often try and charge a lot more than the fare should actually cost, so ask at the reception in your hotel to book a taxi for you. They will know which reputable companies to use to ensure you don’t get ripped off.

If you do need get a taxi in the street, agree a fee with the driver before you get in, and ask that the meter is turned on to ensure it is similar to what you have agreed to pay.

The majority of tourist attractions in Prague are within a short distance of each other, so it is often easier to have a look online for the routes and walk to each place. If you are planning on doing a lot of travelling, it could be a lot cheaper to find a car hire company and rent a car for a day.

Pickpockets in Prague

Tourists are the prime targets for pickpockets in any large city, and unfortunately this does happen in Prague. These handy travel tips below can help you ensure you don’t have an unpleasant experience during your stay:

Don’t advertise your possessions to thieves – keep high value items such as cameras around your neck where it can not be easily taken from you, or at the bottom of your bag under an item of clothing. Items at the top of a backpack can be easily accessed whilst you are looking the other way.

Don’t carry large amounts of money – If you have your wallet or purse stolen containing everything this can spoil your trip. Keeping your money separate in two places will ensure you won’t lose everything if you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of theft. Money belts give you piece of mind and can hide any valuable possessions. Alternatively, carry just a credit card and a small amount of money; there are cash machines on all the main streets in Prague with English operating instructions.

Don’t keep your wallet/purse in an easy to access compartment of your bag or back pockets – use your front pockets or an inner pocket in your jacket.

Wear a shoulder bag with the opening compartment across your chest –  this cannot be easily taken from you so there shouldn’t be any opportunists take this off you.

Don’t flash your cash in busy areas – it only needs second for someone to grab it from you and pass it to an accomplice who can get away with your cards and money before you have realised what has happened. Keep you personal belongings hidden away on trams. These are the most common locations for thieves as they are often crowded and it is easy to disguise any unnatural contact/movements.

Cabaret bars

Due to the increasing popularity amongst young men having stag dos in Prague, a large number of ‘Cabaret’ bars have emerged in the centre. These bars have guys in the street (mainly on Wenceslas square) working for them trying to entice males in, often with the promises of strip shows and attractive women available at a price.

If you are in a group of males, it is advisable to split up and travel in pairs to wherever you are going, as you are less likely to be targeted by these persistent and annoying workers.

Do not offer any information to them either, such as where you are staying, how long you are in Prague for, where you are going next, as they will just use this to try and force you into their bars, so just answer everything they say with ‘no’ , eventually they should take the hint and leave you alone, but be warned; as soon as one leaves you alone, the next comes along and starts the whole charade again.

Finally, it is also worth reminding you to keep your hands in your pockets around these guys, as some (not all) will try and take possessions from you, often they will work in pairs and will try and distract you while the other goes for your pockets.

Enjoy yourself & keep safe in Prague

You can still enjoy the major sights of Prague such as the Charles Bridge, Wenceslas square and the Old Town square without any incident if you keep your money and belongings hidden. Keep these few Prague safety tips in mind and you should be fine!

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