Tips for Travel to the Dominican Republic

The biggest journey starts with just a simple step.

Yet, the world of information is huge; prices change almost every day or even hour, hotel costs and availability vary, and transportation depends on the location, the weather, and so many other factors that are hard to control. To make planning easier, this post includes all of our top tips for travel to the Dominican Republic.

When planning a trip it’s best to know how to do so fast and easy.  Having to collect all the valuable and useful information can get tricky, and keeping up with all the updates is almost impossible.  Also, finding the cheapest flights, with value for money accommodation, or even the right information for getting around is time consuming and you usually need to use such a big variety of travel sources that you feel you are turning into a …(desperate) travel agent.

So let’s start from the beginning and see how you can take that simple step and have a “legendary” trip to the Dominican Republic. The smart way is the best way. Always.

Essential Tips for Travel to the Dominican Republic

A great way to start your trip and also the easiest way is to visit or download the Skyscanner app. This leading global travel search website gives you all the info you need about the destination that you want to visit. All the places that you should not miss, update info and travel tips inspire you to travel to anywhere in the world having the right info about everything.

Here you can discover the best season to visit the Dominican Republic, what you can do, the “look and feel” of various places and neighborhoods, and what locals like to do.  These are just some good tips you can get in order to be inspired.

Apart from finding the right info, you can also find this info in your native language, as each place speaks your language. Travel searches in more than 30 languages make this website the favorite one for independent travellers around the globe, as the content is very comprehensive.

Once you have made up your mind about the place you want to visit, which in this case you’ve already done, you can start searching for the best flights.

Here is where the most difficult part actually becomes the fun part. The only thing you need to add is the airport you want to fly from and to, or even the country you want to fly from, or just the country of the Dominican Republic. Searching the world, Skyscanner will come up with the cheapest flights first in just seconds and in addition to that you will have all the updated info and prices guaranteed (stop overs, duration of flights, transit flights etc.) about all flights from anywhere in the world for the country or place you are interested in.

Anytime of the year or day, just get online and find the best flight for you from a list of all the airlines that fly where you want to go.

The Dominican Republic has more than five international airports so you can easily select the airport you want to fly to based on which is closest to the place that you are heading to, or even fly to the airport with the cheapest flight and then drive to the destination you want to end up; it’s easy to drive around the country as the distances are not long and the road conditions are good.

Apart from the flights and the destinations, you can also find information about hotels and car rentals, practical info about driving on location, how to fly domestically within the country, and information about all airports (what to expect, what kind of shops are at each airport, services, transportation, etc.)

You can additionally set up a notification emails for the flights that interest you in order to be the first to know when prices change before you book it.

Skyscanner connects you with the airlines, travel agencies, travel websites, hotels, car rental companies etc, then you can proceed with your booking direct.

All this for free, with the added advantage of being easy and fast.  Travel smart to the heart of the Caribbean and enjoy. What else is there to ask for?

The next thing would be to order your Caribbean cocktail at the beach… Hmm, why not?!

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