Tips for Getting Motorcycle Insurance in Australia

You might be an avid biker, looking for motorbike insurance in Australia. Some insurers believe that motorcycle insurance consists of high risk. Thus, most of the companies charge a hefty premium for bike insurance in Australia.

Motorcycle insurance offers coverage for dirt bike, sports bike, moped, scooter, motorbike, touring as well as the naked bike.

Here are some tips for getting the best Motorcycle Insurance in Australia

Several companies in Australia offer discounts to individuals who have cleared motorcycle safety course from one of the approved centers. Thus, no matter if you are an experienced biker or not, refreshing your skills with the help of a motorcycle safety course can prove to be a great idea. The certificate can help you in getting an impressive amount of discount on the monthly premium for your bike insurance.

Of course, simply opting for a safety course would not help if you fail to wear full coverage helmet along with bright color gear while on your bike. But, it can definitely help in assuring the insurer firm that you drive responsibly.

Opt for anti-theft devices

Bike owners prefer to opt for comprehensive cover with the usual cover these days as it offers protection against accidents and damages caused due to fire, as well as theft. You can get better rates if your vehicle is loaded with anti-theft devices.

Records on your driving/insurance license

The price for your motorcycle insurance cover also partially depends on your driving (insurance) related records. If you have been involved in any kind of vehicular accident, companies might ask you to pay more on your bike cover. This is the case if you contact your local agent at home. Another option is always to get several insurance offers from different insurance companies, who don’t have access on your records.  This would also be the case, if you get an insurance in the holiday destination. They won’t ask you for your driving/accident records.

You might be asked to pay more, in the case if you have recently obtained your license. Such individuals should consider waiting for few years to get auto insurance, or pay the extra fee.

Get multiple quotes

Gather quotes from multiple service providers. Opt for those that have developed a good reputation in motorcycle insurance. Bike insurance is different compared to the car cover, so, a company specialized in dealing with bike insurance can offer cheaper and appropriate type of coverage.

If you have multiple bikes, opt for multi-motorcycle coverage to available special discount offers.

Provide accurate information about your bike’s make and model number as well as its overall usage to the insurer. Do not sign the auto-renewal form so that you can go with the same provider next year only if the company is offering the best deal in town.

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