Things to Know About Budapest

It’s always cool to be given some advice before arriving to a new place. And I’m not talking just about where to eat, what to see, what to do.

I mean the essentials, like the fact that it rains a lot in London, or that in China not everybody speaks Mandarin. Which is why if you’re going to be traveling to Hungary anytime soon, here’s the main things to know about Budapest, the capital city.

Things to know about Budapest, Hungary

1. Get the Budapest Card

If you are staying a few days and want to see many things, the first thing to do when landing in Budapest, even before you get to your Budapest apartments or whichever accommodation you have, is to buy the Budapest card (which you can get online here).

It’s especially for tourists and, though we don’t like to consider ourselves tourists but want to travel like locals, bla, bla, here’s a good reason to do it:

With this card you get up to 50% off in hundreds of places like museums, restaurants, events, excursions and more. Moreover, if you buy the Budapest card, you’ll have public transport for free.

2. Budapest is affordable

If you have a strict budget and are going to stay for a while in Budapest, you have to know that this city is cheap – compared to most of Europe and North-America (I mean).

So if you haven’t bought the Budapest card, don’t worry as public transport is more than affordable. So it is eating out and partying, everything is quite affordable.

3. There’s a love fence

There is a love fence in Budapest where you and your lover can go and write your initials on a lock, put the lock on the fence and throw the key in the Danube. Then you will be together forever.

BUT, this doesn’t mean you have to. Think about it well, first of all, along with way too much public displays of affection this is the typically thing that fresh in-love couples do when they travel, as long as they get off in the city.

Moreover, I don’t think it works, I don’t believe in superstitions. But, oh wait! Oh wait! But what if the magic spell works…but the love doesn’t..?

That’s it for our three most important things to know about Budapest before traveling there.

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