Things to Do in St. Anton in Summer

 Things to Do in St. Anton in Summer

Exploring St. Anton Austria in the Summer – Biking, Hiking, Kayaking, and the Arlberg Giro

In the video above we take you on a brief journey exploring the mountain destination of St. Anton in the Austrian Alps.

The experience was amazing and we hope this video helps show the beauty of St. Anton in the summer.

We show you some shots of the incredible mountain landscape by bike, kayak and walking showing the lakes, rivers and rolling forests that make Austria such a beautiful summer destination.

We show you some of the action from the Arlberg Giro, one of an annual cycling race in St Anton, Austria.

St Anton am Arlberg Mountain Biking The Valluga and the Arlberg Giro

With the 2 part Vlog Series beneath, we start highlighting the amazing region of St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria in the summer.

Mountain biking in the Alps

We go mountain biking in the heart of the Alps exploring perfect alpine valleys then head up to Valluga, the highest point in the region to check out the views at 2822 meters!

We watch the first race of the Alberg Giro event and get ready for the big race tomorrow.

Arlberg Giro Cycling Race, Mountain Yoga, and Indoor Rock Climbing

We are here this week for the Arlberg Giro Cycling Race, some Mountain Yoga, and some Indoor Rock Climbing.

The Arlberg Giro is a huge international bike race which happens annually encompassing a 150km track which takes around 5 and a half hours to complete!

All hotels and accommodation in St. Anton give visitors a summer card which gives visitors access to free activities around the mountains such as yoga, swimming and spa, a one day lift on the gondolas and indoor rock climbing.

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