Things to Do in Hong Kong with Kids

Time in Hong Kong as a family spells unlimited fun. Hong Kong is a surprisingly perfect destination for family trips with parks, temples, museums, and nature reserves.

If you’re looking for things to do in Hong Kong with kids – we’ve got the list for you.

Things to do in Hong Kong with Kids

There are many fun things to do in Hong Kong with kids – it’s a great family-friendly destination.

1. Noah’s Ark

When you are doing a Hong Kong tour you will instantly notice how there are a number of theme park locations in the city, which might be overshadowed due to the popularity of the Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park.

One such tourist attraction is the biblical representational replica of Noah’s Ark (you can book your ticket before you go). The vessel which is said to have saved life on earth is featured in full size along with life size animals and characters from the story. Along with the eye-pleasing features of the structure, there are also educational and adventure activities here. 

2. The Space and Science Museum 

The Hong Kong Space and Science Museum will particularly attract children and teenagers. The Space Museum is the world’s best planetarium and has its exhibitions displayed through interactive and touch screens.

The Science Museum showcases the world’s largest energy machines and incredible learning opportunities. Often referred to as the ‘kong science museum’ this location is an absolute must-see … even for the adults! You’re never too young to learn new things, right?

3. The Peak Tram Lower Terminus

One can board the Peak Tram (you can get your ticket before you go) and have a wonderful joy ride to Victoria Peak. You will note how the current station comprises of a single track that has platforms on either side. It is also one of the easiest ways to travel around!

After the ride one can visit the Madame Tussauds of the city (skip the queue and get your ticket before you go). From here, one can also visit the Sky Terrace and enjoy the stunning views of the entire city through binoculars. 

Given that this day will most likely involve a lot of walking (and sight-seeing), you will most likely run up quite the appetite, so make sure to try many of the local dim sum restaurants whilst travelling around by tram!

Keep in mind that the Peak Tram is a major Hong Kong tourist attraction. This means that you are likely to encounter long queues that are common in front of the turnstiles at Garden Road Terminus.

4. Zoological and Botanical Gardens

Hong Kong boasts of beautiful Zoological and Botanical Gardens which are also known as the world’s oldest. These gardens have a beautiful and picturesque location and also have a large collection of reptiles and birds. 

This family friendly spot is ideal for those who want to take in the gorgeous weather, incredible flora options all whilst letting the kids tire themselves with a great run around the gardens. This central floral escape is also a photographer’s paradise as you are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to all of the scenic landscapes available to you.

5. Sandy Beaches and Cable Car Ride

Hong Kong has some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches around. So much so that you are definitely spoilt for choice! There is Repulse Bay, Deep Water Bay and many more. Along with spectacular views, the beaches also have great facilities for tourists to easily make use of at all times.

We also highly recommend making use of the cable car ride to visit the Big Buddha and do fun Buddha themed activities is a must. For a full day of activities, get the 360 Lantau Sky-Land-Sea Day Pass which includes the cable car, Big Buddha hike, access to New Lantau bus routes, and boat rides. It really is the epitome of Hong Kong tourism and kids love it!

6. Ocean Park Hong Kong

Did you know that Ocean Park is Hong Kong’s longest-running family-friendly theme park? This location is the perfect day trip for both local families as well as travellers who wish to experience a true, authentic Hong Kong with their children.

What makes this outing particularly enjoyable is the fact that it is not only known for its thrill-seeking rides. It also has a number of local dining spots for you to feast into as well as educational packages too … because who says that learning can’t be fun? Make sure to check out their official website as they are often releasing awesome ticket deals that include access to the entire theme park!

7. The Wetland Park

If it hasn’t already become apparent, Hong Kong is all about you embracing natural wonders. One of which is the Hong Kong Wetland Park! This world-class conservation and educational facility that will grant you access to the diversity of the Hong Kong’s wetland ecosystem, Ibn fact, the area even boasts over 10000 sqm of wetlands and a 60-hectare reserve park with re-created habitats for wildlife!

Yes, wildlife.

This means that you will be able to not only see incredibly picturesque greenery but see wildlife existing in its natural habit. Not only will this prove to be a camera-ready moment but something that you will never forget. Even if you aren’t a major outdoorsy person, the wetlands are a definite must-see as visitors say it is one of the best ways to experience instant stillness and calm.

Hong Kong Wetland Park

High rise apartments above Wetland Park in Hong Kong, China.

The 7 above-mentioned places are an absolute must visit when you are in Hong Kong … especially when you are trying to appeal to the little ones in the family. That being said, just because you are travelling with the kids doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy yourself too. Hong Kong has perfected the delicate art of appeasing both children and adults with its offerings.

All you have to do is go out and experience it for yourself!

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