Responsible Trekking in Nepal

Nepal treks have been popular for many years. But, with so many trekkers exploring the region it’s important to do responsible trekking in Nepal.

Hikers are now being forced to carry their own trash on their trek. This is great news and long overdue initiative, but how else can you make sure you are being a responsible hiker in Nepal?

How to go trekking in Nepal, responsibly

1. Firewood is scarce, so pack warm clothes so that you don’t rely on fires for heat. Also only shower when the water is heated by efficient non-wood stoves.

2. Consider the cooking time. Dahl bhaat uses less fuel to prepare than other meals. Also if your group order the same meals at the same time as other trekkers, this saves on fuel or firewood.

3. Carry a bag for your rubbish and collect all non-biodegradable items. Paper should be burnt discretely and not in the cooking fire.

4. Bring your own water bottle and purify water using iodine.  2% tincture of iodine, available from pharmacies, is used at 4 drops per litre of water and left for at least 20 minutes (longer is recommended if the weather is very cold). Use the code DAYOWL10 for 10% off this sustainable water bottle from Day Owl.

5. Stick to the main trails to prevent erosion.

6. Don’t use soaps in the streams or rivers and throw any soapy water well away from the high water mark. 

7. Dress like the locals. Loose clothing, long skirts or trousers and covered shoulders are the way to go.

8. Be respectful when photographing people.  Always ask first and make friends, but please don’t pay any money.

Remember, apart from trekking in Nepal responsibly you also need to consider the dangers of climbing Mount Everest. If you’re not up for the great challenge, then consider some of the other treks in Nepal.

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