Reasons to Visit Goa in Monsoon Season

There are many places to visit in India during monsoon season. In fact, Goa is one of the best monsoon getaways in India. So yes, you can still visit Goa in monsoon season.

The number of visitors to Goa is pretty high throughout the year except during the rainy season, which is off season. With less crowded beaches, rain-soaked greenery, best seafood, cheaper accommodation and lowest airfare, Goa is a must visit during monsoon for budget travellers.

Here is what you need to know why you should travel to Goa in monsoon

Goa Beaches are less crowded

Goa is a must-visit monsoon destination for those who seek solitude in nature. Unlike in other times of the year, the beaches of Goa are much less crowded providing ample room for serenity. Needless to say, the rainy season is the best time to visit Goa if you are looking to get away far from the madding crowd of revelers.

Cheap accomodation in Goa

Expensive accommodation in Goa during peak seasons is a turn off to many budget travelers. Many resorts and hotels offer cheaper accommodation during this time, making it one of the reasons to visit Goa during off season. Besides, you need not search for affordable accommodation as most of the hotels offer discounts to lure travelers during monsoon. Even, you can get to afford the luxury of a 4 or 5 star hotel at unbelievably lower prices.

Cheap flights to Goa

The rainy season is the right time to visit Goa for those who find it difficult to afford air travel during peak seasons. Owing to low footfalls, many airlines offer cheap airfare deals to sell out seats for flights in off season. Many international travel agencies like Indian Eagle book cheap flights to Goa with airlines from the United States and Canada for monsoon trips.

Mouth-Watering Delicacies

Goa is a visual delight for photographers during the rainy season. Its monsoon beauty is too captivating to resist. Goa features different shades of nature across its landscape for camera. Fresh greenery, rain-soaked beaches and rain-washed landscapes are the blisses of nature to be captured in Goa.

Mouthwatering seafood is one of the reasons to visit Goa in monsoon. Most of the Goan seafood delicacies with the best taste of the season are available now, and that too at pocket-friendly prices. No doubt, Goa is one of the best monsoon destinations for foodies.

Monsoon Festivals of Goa

Goa Carnival and Sunburn Festival are not the only festivals of Goa. The Goan people celebrate a few festivals during this time, too. Celebrated in June every year, Sao Joao is one of the most popular festivals of Goa. What makes this celebration enjoyable is the offbeat activity of a group of men leaping into village wells to bring out bottles of Feni, a local alcohol. Festivals of Saint Peter and Paul are other celebrations in June.

Hope, if monsoon is the best time to visit Goa is no more a doubt. Air India and Jet Airways operate flights to Goa from USA. The Gulf carriers including Oman Air, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines also fly to Goa. Search for different flights on Skyscanner.

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