Reasons to Visit Antwerp

In December, I went to visit Antwerp for the first time and I fell in love with this city.

It has so much to offer and also has a nice atmosphere (I think partially because of the beautiful Christmas decorations which were still all around the city). I have seen a lot of the city, but would like to go back again to explore even more.

Here are six reasons to visit Antwerp

1.The Shopping Possibilities

Immediately when you leave the train station, you are located in the big shopping street The Meir. This is the biggest and most crowded shopping street of Antwerp and features some big, international shops like Zara and H&M. When you walk through the Meir, you can find the entrance to the Grand Bazaar shopping mall, which has both national and international stores. If you want to go to a city where you can do good shopping, you should definitely go to Antwerp.​

2. The Schelde

Antwerp is the most important port of Belgium, due to the fact that the city has a great location by the water (The Schelde).  This is part of the reason Antwerp has historically been one of the most important trading cities in the world and saw so much growth so early on. Now the Schelde is still a reason to go to Antwerp, because you can take a nice walk along the water or take a boat trip.​

3.  The Panoramic View

In the district het Eilandje, you can find the museum “MAS” (Museum aan de Stroom). This museum not only has beautiful architecture, but is also very popular for the panoramic terrace on the tenth floor. You have a breathtaking view over the city and can take some beautiful pictures. This panorama terrace is open every day from 09.30 a.m. till 22.00 p.m.​

4. The Architecture

The old Belgian architecture is very beautiful and photogenic. Take for example the central station, I really love the building. Also the cathedral in the city center has some beautiful architecture. And do not forget the square “Grote Markt”, where you can find characteristic guild houses. Personally, I am a big photography lover and when I am in a city, I love to take pictures of beautiful architecture. This city has a great architecture.​

5. The Cathedral and All the Other Churches

Antwerp is well-known for her many churches. Of course, the most popular one is the Cathedral of Our Lady. From the outside and inside it is a gorgeous cathedral. Definitely worth a visit inside. Then there are four more monumental churches in the city: Saint Andrews Church, Saint Carolus Borromeus Church, Saint Jacob’s Church and Saint Paulus Church. These five churches you can find close to each other, at a walking distance. Besides these monumental churches, the city offers many more churches. If you love to visit churches like me, you should definitely pay a visit to Antwerp.​

6. The Many Cafés and Eateries

Antwerp offers so many cafés and eateries. From the Meir close to the Central Station, to the Grote Markt and Groenplaats, you can find cozy places to eat and drink something. The many cafés and eateries of Antwerp provide a nice and friendly ambiance.​

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