Porto de Galinhas: A Very Popular Small Beach Town in Brazil

Porto de Galinhas, is a quaint beach town that is located in Pernambuco, in north-eastern Brazil. Adored for its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, mangrove forests and social-media worthy tidal pools, it is the ultimate tropical escape. Given that this prime location is also located in a fishing village it also offers serene moments to engage with the water and all of the vibrant marine life.

Visiting Porto de Galinhas, Brazil

Often described as being gently touched by the power, light and splendour of Mother Nature, Porto de Galinhas is bustling with plenty to keep you entertained and enthralled in an authentic Brazilian beach culture. From the moment you step foot in this paradise, you will notice that it is very popular as a weekend getaway for people from nearby Recife. Hotels, therefore, range from cosy “pousadas” to five-star resorts. Oh, and you do not want to miss the nearby Maracaípe.

If yu’re staying in Recife, you can easily visit Porto de Galinhas on a day trip from Recife.

Food in Porto de Galinhas

When figuring out what to eat in Porto de Galinhas, you will be happy to know that you are absolutely spoilt for choice!

This delightful beach town also has lots of dining places, local “churrascarias” (barbecues) and a fantastic seafood selection – which comes as no surprise as t is a fisherman’s village, so you will benefit from its proximity to the ocean. You will also notice that there are many eateries along the beachfront that offer local delicacies and more traditional menus for you to experiment with.

A few popular dishes include more savoury culinary plates like hiding, salted mungunzá, sarapatel, buchada and rabada. If you have more of a sweet tooth, then we recommend the famous Souza Leão cake (a creamy cake that has become a Cultural and Intangible Heritage of the state) as well as the roll cake.

Exploring this Brazilian beach

As expected, there are many beach activities in the area. Amongst them, are visits to the “piscinas naturais” in a jangada, a local raft tour to the nearby reefs, where seawater makes natural ponds, and lots of different fish can be seen

If you are lucky enough you might be able to attend a sea turtle birth at a full moon in midsummer, plan for a full moon stay.

Note that the beautiful reefs are only available at very low tide, for about two hours a day. Ask for information at the tourism information center for the recommended days and hours to visit the reefs.

Transport in Porto de Galinhas, Brazil

The town is small and easily navigable on foot – which is a major plus. Buggys are however also available for rent in the village with or without a driver. This presents a great alternative to traditional car rental, which is not only less of an authentic mode of transportation but also significantly more expensive than renting a buggy.

Things to do in Porto de Galinhas

– Take a buggy tour

– Take a trip on a little boat in the lagoon and swim with the fish (take proper footwear as the rocks are sharp!).

– Walk to nearby Maracaipe and watch the surfers.

– Find a spot on the beach, order shrimp and beer, sit back and relax.

– In the beach point (Pontal do Maracaipe) local kite surfers can be seen. For the more adventurous, classes on this sport are available as well.

– Visit beautiful Praia Dos Carneiros. White sandy, crystal clear water beach located south of Porto de Galinhas, very near Tamandaré. Can be reached by boat trip.

– Hire a boat and get to Ilha de Santo Aleixo. Caribbean-style Island front of Toquinho beach. Ideal for snorkelling and swimming.

– Having a drink – There are many bars and restaurants here to serve the weekend party crowd. It isn’t hard to find a place for a drink along the beach, on either of the two main roads, or from a number of stands set up at night where the two main roads connect near the beach. Sometimes it is possible to see and even participate in an impromptu drum circle at this intersection on weekend evenings.

Weather in Porto de Galinhas Beach

One of the many perks about visiting Porto de Galinhas is the fact that it generally has sunny, warm and very pleasant weather for most of the year. If you are looking to tan and truly experience a hot summer in Brazil, we suggest going between the months of November and April. During these months, the temperature averages at about 31 degrees Celsius.

That being said, if you are looking for warmth, but less scorching temperatures, we recommend visiting during the months of June and September when the weather is significantly looker – averaging at about 22 degrees Celsius.

Important things to pack when visiting Porto de Galinhas

Figuring out what to pack for your Brazilian beach vacation can seem like a challenge but the key is to remain organised, and that way you won’t forget essentials. That being said, there are a few local stores where you can stock up on things that you might need for your trip that you may have forgotten, however, here is our list of absolute essentials when visiting Porto de Galinhas:

  • Sunscreen (at least SPF 30)
  • Insect and mosquito repellent
  • Swimwear (bikini, swimsuit, swim trunks)
  • Hats or caps
  • Comfortable and cool clothes
  • Closed proper support-based shoes as well as sandals
  • UV protection sunglasses
  • Beach towels
  • Chargers for all electronics

Are you ready for a Brazilian beach vacation?

The reality is that if you are in dire need of a tropical experience or if you consider yourself to be a true ‘water baby’ then we cannot recommend Porto de Galinhas enough! This little beach town will ignite a sense of adventure and passion in you like very few destinations can, so book your tickets soon and embark on the journey of a lifetime!

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