Nudity and Best Drinks in Puerto Rico

If you are looking to frolic on white sandy beaches, completely nude with the best cocktail in hand, then your next holiday destination needs to be Puerto Rico. This gorgeous destination is the perfect place to let loose and have some much-deserved fun as the best drinks in Puerto Rico can be found in this blog … and our cool accompanying video will take you to the best nude beaches in Puerto Rico too! What more could you want?!

Let’s talk nude beaches in Puerto Rico

Going au naturel whilst exploring the seaside is a possibility if you visit the glorious island of Puerto Rico. There are a few places where you can cast away your clothes, your worries and awkward tan lines and embrace the sunshine in all of its glory. Now keep in mind that there are no OFFICIAL naked beaches in Puerto Rico. Instead, many locals and travellers alike have unofficially created a few of their own, where you can explore miles of picturesque sands and turquoise water with nothing on.

What’s even better is that nudity beaches in Puerto Rico can range from more secluded naturist vibes to your more commercial beaches with interactive water sports – it all depends on what you are looking for. There are also ones that require a long drives, others need you to hike for a bit too, but trust us when we say that it is totally worth it at the end!

Just as a heads up: Nude beaches are illegal in Puerto Rico so make sure to use this blog as a guide of where you should and shouldn’t be regarding nude beaches. Essentially naked beaching is for the rebellious bunch of you.

Let’s talk about the best drinks in Puerto Rico

When you are soaking up all of that glorious sunshine in Puerto Rico, you are bound to get parched. Thankfully Brian Cox, our Trial Blogger, samples all the most common drinks in the area. From the San Juan Marriott, Puerto Rico he tastes it all to help share some of the must-tries for your next trip to the island! You will also notice that many of these drinks incorporate a fun, and incredibly delicious tropical flavour profile. These signature drinks range from more cocktail styled beverages to fun ciders and beers too. Some of the top favourites in Puerto Rico include the Pina Colada, chichaito, rum, ron, medalla light, arroz con pollo and much more…

Oh, and if you aren’t much of a drinker, worry not, because many of these beverages have a non-alcoholic drink option for you to enjoy too.

So, if you are ready to let your hair down, perhaps even getting a little tipsy in Puerto Rico and enjoying all of the creative mixologists spotted all over this destination, we suggest booking your ticket TODAY.

Get a glimpse of what your trip to Puerto Rico could look like from all of the best drinks in Puerto Rico, along with a bit of Puerto Rico nudity and nude beaches in Puerto Rico, with this fun video. WARNING: NUDITY!!!

All that’s left for you to do is go and experience all of this for yourselves!

Now…let’s talk Puerto Rico adults only resorts

We’re guessing you’re the kind of traveler who prefers all-inclusive resorts, but not the family kind. If you’re looking for the best Puerto Rico adults-only resorts, we’ve found the best ones below:

Condado Ocean Club in San Juan

Located on Condado Beach, Condado Ocean Club is an amazing adults-only resort in San Juan. The resort features a restaurant, outdoor pool with ocean view, fitness center and bar. The hotel also offers various packages, including daily breakfast and bubbles, a locals experience and also bachelors and bachelorette party packages.

O:LV Fifty Five Hotel in San Juan

Another beautiful adults-only hotel in San Juan, O:LV Fifty Five Hotel sits in front of the Condado Lagoon. Pick between the outdoor swimming pool or hot tub to lounge in while sipping on cocktails. Inside, everything looks chic and glamorous, perfect for a romantic couples trip.

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