Kuala Lumpur Districts: Bukit Bintang Attractions

Bukit Bintang, in Kuala Lumpur, is famous amongst the locals as a one of a kind fashion and entertainment hub.

Bukit Bintang attractions are all about the magnificent temples and vibrant markets on the streets. There is also an amusement park here where you can rejuvenate yourself by releasing the inner child in you!! Whether you are in Malaysia for a short trip or a long trip, it doesn’t matter.

These places that I have listed below are a must visit when you are in Malaysia.

Top Bukit Bintang Attractions

Your travel will not be complete without seeing these Bukit Bintang attractions. If you are worried about the hassles of traveling, worry not! Malaysia is famous for its strong network of roads that reach and connect every nook to every corner of the city.

You can easily reach any of these places by boarding the hop on hop off bus.

There will be little or no bus interchange at all since the transit routes have been designed keeping point to point connectivity in mind.

The buses that are used in Malaysia are well known throughout the world for their on- time services. I personally recommend you to book your bus tickets online as it will spare you the ordeal of carrying cash and change with you all the time. You can pre book your bus tickets, pay for them online and just forget your wallets at home. Traveling by bus is catching up with the Malaysians in recent times thanks to low cost and reliable services.

Changkat in Bukit Bintang

This is the place that everyone heads to when all shutters close down! It is a venue where a vast number of Kuala Lumpur’s famous bars can be found. It is right behind Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Reaching here is completely hassle free as most buses will drop you off at the Golden Triangle Area. The area is overflowing with people on weekends and public holidays. The building looks unique thanks to the pre-war colonial houses that were remodelled to be pubs and restaurants.

The restaurants here serve western and Chinese food. The restaurants here look quite normal and sober during the day but the moment its evening, these restaurants have a completely different story to tell!

Some of the restaurants even turn into a party destination with their own mini bars and djs.

Jalan Alor Bukit Bintang

It is famously known and referred to as the cultural heart of Kuala Lumpur, and is one of the major Bukit Bintang attractions.

The place is famous for its chain of Chinese sea food restaurants. The decor here resembles mostly that of a joint with plastic tables and chairs under the open skies. The variety of food available here will take days to explore. Starting from barbecued meat to desserts the menu will prove to be quite light on your pockets.

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