Interesting Things To Do In Alleppey

Alleppey (now known as Alappuzha) in the Indian state of Kerala is one of the most well-known and applauded travel destinations for tourists due to its mesmerizing and serene backwaters.

Though the backwaters and its related activities are the core attractions for tourists, there are still many things to do in Alleppey which you can enjoy wholeheartedly. 

Here are Several Intriguing Things to Do in Alleppey That Will Make Your Trip Memorable

1. Enjoy Your Stay at a Houseboat

A stay in a boat house is the prime attraction and you can’t miss it if you are planning to visit Alleppey. Staying at the houseboats in Alleppey backwaters will complete your vacation satisfactorily.

The houseboats are beautifully crafted and adorned with the decorative items. During your stay in the houseboats, you can enjoy the paddy fields near backwaters, lush greeneries, palm trees and other attractions which will certainly mesmerize you.

You can also choose luxury houseboats in Alleppey to experience the ultimate comfort in the backwaters. Many houseboat tour operators offer Alleppey honeymoon packages to couples. 

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2. Enjoy Sunset at Pozhiyoram Beach

This beach is situated in Alleppey and if you want to enjoy some cozy moments with your family members, then this is the ideal place.

This beautiful beach is not well-known for water activities. The core attraction of this beach is enjoying the sunset in peace. If you want to get rid of your stress and want to observe nature closely, then head out to Pozhiyoram. This beach is the ultimate place for those who are addicted to photography. 

3. Go for the Famous Ayurvedic Massages

If you are planning to visit in Alleppey, then don’t forget to treat yourself with a relaxing massage. There are many resorts in Alleppey which promise to give you the best ayurvedic therapies for rare and chronic illnesses.

Massages and spas will rejuvenate your life and you will become more energetic and spirited. The spa massage starts from Rs.1000/- onwards and it can go up to Rs.5000/-. While it’s one of the popular things to do in Alleppey – be warned that it is a very oily experience.

4. Taste Some Delicious Food in Alleppey

This place offers a variety of food options both for veg and non-veg lovers.

One interesting thing that you can notice here is that the food items are served on banana leaves. You can find many restaurants which treat tourists to some authentic Keralite dishes. The top items to enjoy are Puttu, Vada, chickpea curry, fried banana chips, fish curry, etc.

5. Visit Karumadi

Karumadi is a village which is close to Ambalappuzha and here, you can find a 10th Century Buddha statue made of granite. The idol of Buddha is around 3 feet and his left hand is missing.

This statue mesmerizes many visitors and archaeologists and a chunk of people visit this place every year. His Holiness Dalai Lama also visited in 1965. You should visit this granite statue during sunrise. 

6. Enjoy the Village Life of Kuttanad

Kuttanad is a region of Kerala which covers both the Alappuzha and Kottayam district. This place is a perfect choice for nature lovers and people who are passionate about photography.

This place is all about waterways, duck farming, spice cultivation, fishing, coconut lines and paddy fields. It is popularly known as “rice bowl of the country”. It is the lowest point in the country and this is the only region where farming is done 4-10 feet below sea level. The rural and village life will take you into a different world which is far away from your city life. 

7. Vembanad Lake

This is the second largest lake in India and the largest lake in Kerala. This lake is also known as Punnamada lake in Alleppey.

The total area of the lake is nearly 2033.02 sq km. The lake is home to many marine bird and animal species. The lake consists of several small islands including Vypin, Mulavuyad, Willington Island, and many more. Every year the Nehru boat race is held in a part of this lake. The Nehru boat race is another well-esteemed race in Kerala that used to take place during the monsoon.

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