How to Spend 48 Hours in Singapore

Taking on Singapore in 48 hours

While this city-sized country is best explored at a reasonable pace, we don’t always have the luxury of time. What if you had only 48-hours to power through Singapore? Will you give up the opportunity? Will you perish the thought thinking that time is money, and less time means more money?

Well, don’t burn yourself out because Singapore has been intentionally designed in such a way that it can meet the needs of every traveller that steps foot on its proverbial shores. Don’t worry about planning your 48 hours in Singapore trip. With the right guidance, you can easily fit in all there is to see in this short period of time. You will actually be able to explore it better than most.

There are two ways of doing this, either you book a Singapore holiday tour package online that takes your time constraints into account, or you do this on your own, from scratch.

If you are of the latter camp, then these tips will be right up your alley. Exploring Singapore is super easy to do on your own too and this blog is all the proof you need!

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How to spend 48 hours in Singapore

1) Singapore Breakfast

When in Singapore, eat as the Singaporeans do. A 48-hour holiday doesn’t mean you can’t sit and enjoy a good meal. You are going to need a lot of energy throughout the day to explore the city. So, get started with the traditional Singapore breakfast of coffee, Kaya toast with coconut jam and a side of eggs. One of the best locations to find this would be at Tiong Bahru Market.

2) Singapore Botanic Gardens

Once you have had your fill, you can visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens which should be your first stop for the day. This place became operational in 1859 and is known to be one of the oldest places in Singapore. The vast size of this park means you have so much to see and explore. You can explore its rich flora and walk through a well-maintained park that has become a tourist attraction since its inception. One of the best travel tips is to visit this botanical location in the morning when all of the plants and flowers have freshly blossomed.

3) Singapore ArtScience Museum

Your next stop on this day can be Singapore’s Art Science Museum which is a fully immersive installation of digital art– the kind that makes adults as excited as kids! Buy your ticket online before you go to save more time (book here). This is a national gallery of opulent artistic expression and definitely deserves a spot on your Singapore travel to-do list (book here).

4) Helix Bridge

After you are done exploring the museum, you can take a short walk to Helix Bridge towards Esplanade Theatre. If you are in the area, don’t forget to stop by for a bite to eat. We highly recommend Singapore’s national dish, chilli crab. Locals also recommend trying their local Hainanese chicken rice dish.

After you are done savouring the mouth-watering meal, do taste the dessert made of coconut ice cream in a coconut bowl – it is genuinely out of this world. You can end this day with an evening at one of the dozen bars in the area. Alternatively, you could check out Singapore’s street food scene. The food options are packed with flavour and overflowing with local delicacies and sweet treats.

5) Island Hopping

Day 2 can be saved for brunches, island hopping and a few key cultural experiences. You can go from visiting the Singapore river to exploring all of the various island delights. We also highly recommend taking it slow and adding a few of the many temples to your to-do list. With only 48 hours in Singapore, realistically, it may be difficult to give all of them a visit however, there are a few key ones.

Definitely make sure to visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. This temple has an impressive six floors that showcase a number of religious artefacts and also offers a tranquil rooftop garden for visitors. A little way down the road you will immediately see the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore called the Sri Mariamman Temple. This Temple is unmissable as it is known for its elaborate colours and decorations that cover the outside. Singapore is filled with many rich displays of religious and spiritual offerings that are deserving of your attention!

The main takeaway

As you can tell it may seem daunting knowing that you only have 24 hours in Singapore, with so much to see. That being said, Singapore is all about fully being present in the moment. Better yet, most of the best tourist attractions are relatively close to one another. The close proximity of these must-see places will make your 48 hours in Singapore a lot easier to navigate and a lot more convenient. Lessening your travel time means more time sightseeing, eating and enjoying that gorgeous local weather!

So, add the above-mentioned locations to your list, but remember to take it at your own pace. This country wants you to experience all of its splendour, so slow down! Even if you knock off a few of these experiences off of your list you still would have had one of the most memorable trips yet.

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