How to Plan an Epic Baja California Vacation

Stretching 775 miles along the Mexican west coast is the Baja California peninsula.

This incredible stretch of land is well known for its pristine natural habitats, excellent wines and is one of the best places in the world for diving.

What’s more, you ask?

Put a Baja California vacation at the top of your Mexico bucket list because it boasts immaculate beaches, prehistoric cave paintings, a tropical oasis and migratory whales.

The National Park of Cabo Pulmo

About 60 miles north of Cabo San Lucas in Baja California, lies the beautiful national park of Cabo Pulmo. Scuba divers and naturalists frequent the park. Walking through Cabo Pulmo will show you numerous aspects this park is famous for including 3 of the oldest reefs located along the coast of North America. It is estimated that these reefs are over 20,000 years old and they’re a natural habitat for numerous multi-coloured fauna and flora. The area that is now called the national park was overexploited and overfished in the 20th century. However, it is slowly regaining its ecological charm. It’s a great destination to go snorkeling and kayaking.

Sierra de San Francisco Rock Art

Baja California boasts striking rock art and numerous pictographs, which can be seen in the San Francisco mountain range in the Mulege municipality. This area is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although most of the pictorial representations on the rocks date back to over thousands of years, some of them have been carbon-dated to be over seven thousand years old. Be a part of prehistoric times by including this location on your must-see list in your Baja California trip planner. Over 250 caves are located in the bio-reserve of El Vizcaino, which exhibits the rock drawings made by the people of Cochimi, the original inhabitants of Baja. The drawings depict silhouetted pictures of tools, animals, humans and rituals.

Isla Espíritu Santo

The Holy Spirit Island or Isla Espiritu Santo is one of the many islands located in the Sea of Cortez. Similar to some of the other spots in Baja, these islands have also been designated as a World Heritage Bio-Reserve by UNESCO. Espiritu Santo is considered to be the most beautiful island in the area and is the best place to swim with shoals of tropical fish and groups of sea lions. Walk along its beautiful untouched beaches and breathe in the gorgeous sunset. It is the 12th largest Mexican island, where you can spend days exploring its biosphere by boat, kayak or foot.


Mulege is a wondrous oasis that is a rare occurrence in the middle of a vast arid desert. It is a town located around a river valley, and enjoys the abundance of vegetables and fruits. Walking along the foot of the river valley in this town grants you impressive views of the lush, green valley below. The old prison in the area is worth a visit as it was built without the right defences and window bars. During ancient times the roads were treacherous and if an inmate did escape, he would likely die in the isolated town. This is definitely quite an experience and can be a part of your Baja California itinerary planner.


Everybody who comes to Baja California ends up paying a visit to Balandra Bay. It’s a circular bay, surrounded by dunes of sand that overlook the Sea of Cortez. Due to this natural occurrence, the sea is said to be quite calm here compared to the rest of the gulf. Most of the bay is filled with blue, sparkling water that reaches a little over your waist level, making it quite possible to cross from one end to the other.

Plan that perfect vacation to Baja California by including the above mentioned destinations and enjoy and untamed experience.

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