How to Find the Best Pasties in Cornwall: Where to Find the Best Cornish Pasty in Cornwall

If you’re visiting Cornwall, you absolutely have to know how to find the best pasties in Cornwall.

The first thing to tell you about Cornish pasties is that they do not actually taste like the ones produced by several national food brands in the UK.

If you want to experience an authentic, delicious pasty then book a trip to Cornwall and read on…

What is a Cornish Pasty?

A Cornish pasty is a D-shaped savoury dish made up of thick pastry, chopped vegetables (mainly potato, suede, carrot, onion), rough cuts of cooked meat, cheese, and seasoning. It is crimped on the side and not on the top, best served hot or warm.

A brief history of the Cornish pasty: the meat and vegetable pie was developed as a lunch for workers in the ancient English tin mining region of Cornwall.

Do not be put off by the ongoing Pasty Tax crisis (they want to add VAT to the sales our beloved hot pasties). If you have to buy it cold, it’s not the end of the world. You will wolf it down so quickly, you probably won’t even notice the temperature!

Where can I buy an authentic Cornish Pasty?

Cornwall of course! Yes, that little rugged region in the far south west of the UK.

A new law has come into place which means that a Cornish Pasty can ONLY be made in Cornwall. So, where better to try the local delicacy than on a golden sandy beach or in a charming thatched-roof pub in Cornwall?

Where can I get the best pasties in Cornwall?

You can buy pasties pretty much anywhere in Cornwall but the best places to buy a really tasty pasty are:

  • Rowes Bakery, Truro
  • Peter Morris Pasties, Newquay
  • Trevilley Farm Shop, Lane, Newquay (Saturdays only – Pasty Day!)
  • Ann’s Pasties, Lizard, Helston
  • Aunt Avice’s Pasty Shop, Bodmin

When do you eat pasties in Cornwall?

Anytime! You can have one for breakfast if you have a big appetite but be warned they are filling! A pasty for lunch will stop you snacking for the rest of the day and pasty and chips for an evening meal is a great way to end the day.

Don’t forget to accompany it with a pint or two of the local Cornish cider or real ale.

Is there a vegetarian Cornish pasty?

Oh yes, and these are delicious! Cheese, onion and potato is a favourite as well as variety of vegetable fillings.

How much do Cornish pasties cost?

This varies across the county but pasties in bakeries range between £1.50 and £3.50. In Cornwall’s restaurants and pubs you can pay up to £15 for a pasty meal.

Top Tip: Eat a pasty on the sand dunes of Crantock beach near Newquay and watch the sun go down over the Atlantic Ocean. Accompany it with a bottle or two of Rattler Cider or Tribute real ale – or if you really want to celebrate I’d go for a glass of chilled fizzy wine!

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