Greek Islands: Fishing Villages and Beaches in Milos

Wow, Milos! You’ve got me under your spell. Your stunning beaches, vibrant fishing villages, friendly locals and peaceful atmosphere have completely won me over. You’re the epitome of a perfect Greek island getaway – and then some!

Our trip to Milos was just what the doctor ordered – pure relaxation with a touch of adventure!

It’s been ages since I’ve had such a relaxing vacation, usually my FOMO kicks in and I’m always on the go. But this time we took it slow and savored every moment. Since the stunning beaches in Milos are one of the main attractions of the island, our exploration consisted mainly of soaking up the sun at these picturesque spots – talk about recharging your batteries!

Since Milos is quite small, driving never exceeded 10 km, which added to the laid-back vibe of our stay. We rented scooters from “Smile Car & Moto” (they are fantastic, by the way!) so getting to any beach or village was effortless; plus their prices are unbeatable! Speaking of villages…we were blown away by how delicious all the food was, as well as meeting friendly locals who gave us great recommendations.

What really stood out though was how un-touristy Milos felt compared to other destinations we’ve visited before, despite Spiros telling us otherwise – apparently everything is booked up quickly, but you wouldn’t know it from where we went/what we saw. There were still tourists, but nowhere near as many as on previous trips elsewhere; not only that, but there seemed to be a lot of Greeks vacationing here, which added another layer of authenticity.

Discover the most beautiful beaches in Milos

Explore the best beaches in Milos.


Milos was calling my name and Sarakiniko was the reason! I’d seen countless stunning photos of this beach, so it was a must-visit for me. And let me tell you: Sarakiniko did not disappoint!

It’s absolutely stunning – we went at sunrise and were blown away by the rocky landscape.

It’s no wonder that more and more tourists flock to Milos every year. The lunar-like scenery of Sarakiniko is simply enchanting; it’ll leave you spellbound. However, keep in mind that the actual beach area is quite small and can get crowded at times. So if you’re looking for some quiet sunbathing, you might want to avoid coming here during peak hours, and visit either early in the morning or in the evening, when nature paints an even more beautiful picture.


Papafragas is a Milos beach that stands out from the rest. It’s tucked away in high cliffs, creating a small opening to the open sea. This unique feature provides an exceptional view while swimming.

If you’re feeling adventurous and have some time on your hands, snorkeling at Papafragas is highly recommended! You might even spot some fish or come across remnants of pirate history etched into the rocks!

But let me tell you – it’s not just about soaking up the rays here; this place offers breathtaking views both above and below the surface that will take your breath away!


Kleftiko is not your typical beach destination, as the only way to get to the “beach” is by boat. While it is possible to get there by car, the roads are in a snake nature reserve and are off-limits to driving. But hey, a boat ride isn’t that bad! Once anchored in the crystal clear waters of Kleftiko, with its massive rocky landscape, what could be better than jumping right into the water?

We started our adventure by exploring the underwater life through snorkeling, swimming among different species of fish hiding between the rocks – truly breathtaking!

Our Delfinia boat tour from Kipos was affordable (only 30 EUR) and lasted about four hours, giving us plenty of time to enjoy this unique experience. Although full day tours were also available, they came with steep prices around 100 EUR which made them less appealing.

The only downside was not being able to visit the Sykia Cave, as all the cheaper tours were already booked up.


If you’re feeling adventurous, Tsigrado Beach is the place to be! Just be prepared to walk down some narrow paths and steep stairs. But trust me – it’s worth it!

The crystal clear waters and charming atmosphere make this place truly special. Of course, as with any popular destination, it can get pretty crowded around lunchtime. Luckily, Fyriplaka beach is right next door and offers plenty of room to spread out if you need to (just don’t forget the stairs!)

So go ahead – take on the challenge of Tsigrado Beach and enjoy all the beauty it has to offer.


Firopotamos had the most crystal clear water we’ve ever seen – it was absolutely breathtaking!

Instead of lounging on the beach, our Greek friend took us to a spot in front of the church where we could jump into the refreshing water. It turned out to be an exhilarating experience with breathtaking views all around.

We even walked around and admired the charming fishing village of Firopotamos from afar; definitely worth a visit if you’re in town!


If Tsigrado is too crowded, don’t worry! Fyriplaka has your back.

It’s just a hop and a skip away, so you can easily check out both beaches in one go. Plus, let me tell you – Fyriplaka is also breathtakingly beautiful!

The water here is perfect for swimming, but it can get crowded (but don’t worry, there’s always plenty of room!). One of the coolest things about this beach has to be the rock formation that juts out into the sea, where you can even walk through a narrow opening in it – how neat is that?


Alogomántra beach is totally awesome and seems to be a hit with the locals, especially the Greeks. We didn’t see many tourists from other countries though.

The coolest part of this place has to be the “field hockey beach” right next door! It’s nestled under an amazing rock dome, which makes for quite the sightseeing experience. Plus, you can jump off the same rock into the crystal clear water – it’s so much fun!

Lagada Beach

Right in front of our hotel is Lagada Beach, a small but lovely spot. The cherry on top? It’s always blissfully quiet!

Even though the beach doesn’t have anything extraordinary to offer, we still found it quite charming. Plus, you won’t find this hidden gem in any guidebook, which means no crowds and ultimate relaxation guaranteed!

Visit the most interesting fishing villages and places in Milos


Plaka, the capital of Milos, is a must-visit destination if you’re looking for an authentic Greek experience. The charming white-and-blue houses and pink flowers lining the small streets will transport you to a picturesque scene right out of Greek storybooks!

To fully immerse yourself in this ambiance, we recommend sitting down at one of Plaka’s charming restaurants and enjoying the hustle and bustle over your meal.

But what really sets Plaka apart from the rest of Milos is its Venetian castle – it really steals the show! Climb to its roof for breathtaking views of both land and sea. And just when you think it can’t get any better… head further uphill to the Holy Church Of Prophet Elias, where everyone gathers at sunset, because let us tell you, it is simply breathtaking!

If eating out isn’t part of your plan, then pack some wine with picnic essentials & end your day on these hills overlooking everything below – trust us, there’s no better way to end such an unforgettable trip!


Klima is the most popular fishing village on Milos and it’s easy to see why! The white houses with their vibrant balconies, doors and windows look like something out of a painting. Whether you visit during the day or at night, Klima will leave you in awe.

Even though Klima is small, there’s still a lot to see. It’s also one of the best places to catch an unforgettable sunset while relaxing on its shores. Afterwards, take some time to browse through one of the three small shops before heading over to Astakas for dinner.

Be warned: this restaurant can get quite busy, so expect long waits if you visit later in the evening – but trust us when we say that your patience will be well rewarded when the delicious dishes arrive!


Mandrákia is famous for its restaurant “Medusa”, which serves delicious fresh octopus and attracts guests from all over the world. This serendipitous event has brought well-deserved attention to this charming fishing village.

Personally, Mandrákia’s scenery is my absolute favorite when it comes to picturesque fishing villages!

If you’re in the mood for a day at the beach while visiting Mandrákia, don’t worry – Tourkothalassa Beach is right next door and offers plenty of space to relax and unwind alone or with loved ones!

Agiou Konstantinou

We stumbled upon Agiou Konstantinou while chilling on the beach at Alogomántra.

It’s not a popular fishing village, but that’s what makes it so special! We were able to soak up its beauty without any other tourists around.

This tranquility is what makes this small town different from others. So please be respectful and quiet during your visit, and most importantly, don’t leave any trash lying around. Unlike Klima or Mandrákia, which are tourist hotspots, Agiou Konstantinos remains an undiscovered gem – let’s try to keep it that way!


Adamantas is where we stayed during our trip and it’s also where the ferries dock. As a result, this area tends to attract more tourists than other parts of the island.

You’ll find plenty of boutiques, restaurants and boat tour operators, which makes for a lively atmosphere that’s perfect if you’re looking for some excitement.

But don’t worry if you prefer peace and quiet – Adamantas has something for everyone! For example, head up to Agios Haralambos Church for breathtaking views without the crowds or distractions of fellow travelers.

And if you really want an idyllic experience, then the Fáros Adáma lighthouse should be your sunset destination; while others flock to the beaches of Klima, Plaka or Sarakiniko by the hundreds – here at the Adamantas lighthouse there will be hardly anyone around, making it all the more special!


Milos is still a bit of a hidden gem, compared to other islands in Greece, that is well worth a visit.

From its stunning beaches to its charming fishing villages, this island has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventurous vacation, Milos has it all.

So pack your bags and head to this beautiful island for an unforgettable experience!

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