Fun Things To Do In Sweden

Have you ever wondered what you should do in Sweden when visiting? What are the fun things to do in Sweden?

Whether you visit during summer or winter, spring or autumn, there’s always something fun to experience. As one of the longest countries in the world, you can expect varying types of scenery and landscapes.

In Northern Sweden, you can expect mountains, reindeer, snow and beautiful streams where you can drink the water straight from the source — and it tastes like heaven!

In Southern Sweden, you can expect lowlands with hills and beautiful beaches. One of the best times to visit South Sweden is during the month of May when the canola fields transform the landscapes into golden fields. The South is a dream destination for landscape photographers, with many lone trees and natural boulevards.

So, what about the two main cities in Sweden, Stockholm and Gothenburg? Both lie in the center of the country, Gothenburg on the West Coast and Stockholm on the East Coast. And both offer a stunning archipelago with thousands of islands and islets ready to be explored!

In addition to incredible nature, there are several museums, cozy alleyways, and cafés, along with some stunning architecture and lots of shopping.

Here’s a list of 22 fun things to do in Sweden

1. Snowmobiling

Explore the wilderness of the north on a snowmobile — possibly one of the most fun things to do in Sweden.

2. Skiing

They might not have the Rocky Mountains or the Alps of Europe, but there are some pretty neat Ski Slopes in Sweden. Åre is world famous, and now you can even fly their directly from the UK.

3. Laserdome

Team up with your friends and family and go to Laserdome. It’s a game where you wear a vest with a target, and everybody has laser guns. The winner is the one who got hit the least and shoots the most people.

4. Pick Wild Blueberries

Wild blueberries are delicious, you should definitely head out in the forests and indulge yourself in the antioxidantic berries. 

Don’t be surprised if you meet a bear though, they also love blueberries.

5. Visit the Abba Museum

Remember the 80’s and 90’s popular group ABBA? Well, they are from Sweden, and you can visit their museum in Stockholm.

6. Watch an Ice Hockey Game

Peter “Foppa” Forsberg, Henrik Lundqvist, Sedin Brothers, Nicklas Lidström — all are NHL Legends, and if you visit Sweden and have an interest in Ice Hockey, you should definitely go watch a game!

7. Join a Ghost Walk in Stockholm’s Old Town

Believe in ghosts? After a visit to the Old Town in Stockholm you just might, because there are lots of rumors about haunted houses. The stories say that the houses are being haunted by people who were murdered during the Stockholm Bloodbath. 

8. Make a Snow Angel

Go ahead, visit Sweden during winter and make your best snow angel! One of the top things to do in Sweden in the winter!

9. Hike the High Coast

You’ll be overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery and lovely nature when hiking the high coast trail. It’s a must for all lovers of hiking.

10. Meet a Wild Reindeer

Have you ever wondered where Santa’s reindeer are living? Well, according to the saga they live in Rovaniemi in Finland. However, in Sweden, you can meet Rudolph’s wild cousins! 

11. Catch the Northern Lights

The Magical Aurora Borealis can be seen during winter in Sweden. The best place to see it is in Abisko. You might as well make a full trip out of it and join a Northern Lights and Arctic Circle by rail tour.

12. Catch the Midnight Sun

Ever heard of a place where the sun never sets? Well, it’s in Sweden, at least during the summer. In the Northern part of Sweden, you can enjoy 24-hours of light.

13. Party at Summerburst

One of the best house music festivals where some of the biggest DJ’s play each summer. If you’re looking for some pretty Swedes, this is the place to find them. For party goes, this is a top among the things to do in Sweden!

14. Seal Safari

You can visit the seals in their natural habitat in the wild along the Swedish West Coast on a Seal Safari.

15. Celebrate Midsummer

How crazy are you? Or shall I perhaps ask, how much fun do you want to have while in Sweden? Well it doesn’tget better than midsummer!

The best party of the year, where we dance around a midsummer pole like frogs and sing silly songs while drinking schnapps until we almost pass out. 

16. Take Part in a Crayfish Party

Did you think that Midsummer was our only crazy celebration? Guess again, while we do have plenty of them, such as Valpurgis Night, Lucia, Cinnamon bun’s day and many more, the Midsummer and our Crayfish parties are probably our most sacred festivities each year.

So, what is a Crayfish Party you might ask? It’s literally a party where we eat lots and lots of Crayfish until we can’t take it anymore. So, what’s the fun in that? Well, besides being delicious we do of course also put on some silly hats, decorate our homes and always sing silly songs while drinking Schnapps.

Sound like fun? Then make sure to attend one in August, which is the period for Crayfish parties. 

17. Climb the Kebnekaise

The biggest mountain in Sweden is called Kebnekaise. You will be rewarded with the most stunning views after the long climb up.

18. Re-live the Medieval Period in Visby

Each year you can attend the Medieval week in Visby, Gotland, which is one of most well-preserved cities from that period. Here you can re-live the markets, chivalry and of course the tournaments and battles! 

19. Experience our Viking Heritage

Don’t fancy the Medieval period so much? Well, then you might like the Viking Era a bit more! In the old city of Birka, it’s possible to visit the old settlements during summer.

If you want to experience it the real way, don’t miss out on going there in a traditional Viking Long Boat. It’s pretty epic, and while at Birka you can see some old rune stones, ruins and also visit an old market or watch the Viking battles.  

20. Visit Liseberg

One of the most popular things to do in Gothenburg is to visit the Liseberg amusement park. If you like to have fun and get your adrenaline pumping, while re-living your childhood, with or without children, this is the place to go!

With several rides and attractions, it’s a no-brainer if you want to have some fun in Gothenburg. Finish the night off at “Avenyn”, also known as the nightlife area. 

21. Eat Some Swedish Food

Ever tried herring, Swedish meatballs, Eggs with caviar, Swedish tacos, Surströmming, Smörgåstårta or Toast Skagen? These are some of the traditional foods that shouldn’t be missed.

If you want a more gastronomic food experience, there are lots of high quality gourmet restaurants. You can also join a culinary walking tour or partake in a Swedish cooking class in Stockholm.

22. Don’t Forget to Fika!

Fika is the sacred ritual that is performed each day. While others pray, we sit down and have a fika with friends and family. So, what is a Fika? 

Explained in an easy way, drinking coffee, eating cookies/pastries while socializing with friends/family/co-workers. 

We try to do it as much as possible, at work, at home, while shopping or sightseeing. It’s a natural pause for us Swedes, and we truly cherish our Fika!

Best Time to Visit Sweden

It really depends on what you want to do. For sightseeing in the cities, I recommend that you visit Sweden during summer or late spring/early autumn. Late spring is usually in May, and then you’ll most likely have good weather, it might rain, but there won’t be snow from Stockholm and below.

If you want to see the Northern Lights and experience a real winter wonderland, then you should go in January or February. December is the best time to visit if you want to experience our “Julbord”.

For festivals and markets, visit in June/July. A good tip for the beaches is to visit in August, as they won’t be as crowded as in July when most Swedes have their yearly vacation.

For wildlife, it largely depends on what kind of animal you want to see.

Canola fields in the south are blooming in May.

What to Pack for Sweden

First of all, the seasons vary widely in Sweden, and it also depends on whether you’re going south, middle or north. In the South or in general around the coasts, you’ll likely experience some heavy winds, so windproof material is always a good idea.

Layers in layers is the best practice if you’re not visiting during summer. In the summertime, you will most likely just need one pair of jeans along with a light jacket. The weather is actually really nice during summer. The only downside is rain, so you might wanna bring a rain jacket.

Always bring jeans and a jacket, you never know if it gets a little chilly.

If you visit Sweden during winter, always bring layers along with some warm clothing. Don’t forget a scarf and gloves (finger gloves at least).

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