First Time Safari Tips


Are you tired of going to luxurious hotel holidays? Have you had enough of hotels and guest houses? Well, if you feel like making a change, then a safari trip should be on your bucket list.

Is it your first time going on a safari trip? You’re likely to have a lot of questions but one thing is for sure, you’ll have the time of your life.

Leave your busy city life behind and explore new things on an African safari tour.

Some only think of a safari being a private game drive, but there are so many other options to choose from.

Once you see the wildlife, you’ll immediately fall in love. Open spaces, riding in an open-topped 4×4 at sunrise and unforgettable wildlife are some of the things you’ll experience. But there are ways you can make the experience even better.

So, here are a few first time safari tips you’ll need to have the time of your life!

Don’t drive on your own

When visiting a safari resort, self-driving isn’t an option. It’s best to take a game drive with a ranger and tracker.

You’ll see more this way as you’ll be driving with an experienced tour guide. Some drivers who drive themselves through wildlife tend to get out of their car to take pictures. This is dangerous!

You might end up being charged by an elephant. Some small vehicles can also be trampled. So, if you decide to drive yourself, think again. It’s best to take a guide with you and always close your windows when you’re in the wildlife.

Stay inside the vehicle 

There are rules wherever you go. And these rules and regulations need to be followed.

When it comes to a safari tour, there aren’t really many rules. But there are a few you should take note of. You should never stand up in the vehicle or wave your arms outside the Jeep. You’ll make the animals curious to investigate. Never leave the vehicle while you’re on the game drive. It can only be done when it’s an instruction by the tour guide.

Then, don’t make sudden movements or loud noises while among the wildlife. And only enter the bush with a tour guide. This is one of the most important first time safari tips to remember.

Consider doing a walking safari 

This is usually a fun activity but should be done with an armed ranger, of course.

A walking safari can be a lot of fun. It’s important to have a certified guide with you. If not, then you’ll break the rules mentioned earlier. There’s nothing better than walking through the bush full of lions, leopards and so many other animals. Your senses will likely to be on high alert. And that’s normal because you’re walking through an environment full of dangerous species. It might be scary at first but it’ll be an exciting experience you’ll enjoy.

While walking through the bush, the natural world is likely to give you a new respect for the animals.

Be respectful

Just as you want to be respected to a human, it’s important to respect the animals the same way. Animals have feelings too and when you try to hurt them, they’ll feel the pain. Don’t throw stones at them or try do anything to get their attention.

As a human, you’re smarter than animals but it doesn’t mean that you’re better. Animals in the wildlife are pretty smart too.

Put down your camera 

Have you brought your latest camera along with you? Along with a backpack full of lenses? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t take a few pictures and shoot a video or two, right? Everyone would want to relive and share the highlights of their safari tour through a few pictures. That’s all good but remember to put your camera down and take some internal images too. Shoot a few memories through your eyes.

There’s nothing better than watching wildlife in real time.

There are a lot of things to look at in the wildlife.

So, it can be easy to tune out your other senses. While driving, close your eyes and open your ears to listen to your surroundings. You’ll soon appreciate the sounds in the wildlife. No sound of beeping cars and noisy people. You’ll immediately fall in love with what you hear. You can listen to lions roaring, zebras barking or birds singing.

You’re also likely to learn more about the different animals and their behaviour.

So, whether you track rhinos on foot or gently approach a few monkeys, you’ll have an experience of a lifetime.

And if you want to have an extra good time, you should take these first time safari tips into consideration.

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