Exploring the Best of Ljubljana Slovenia

The Travel Dudes team visited Ljubljana, Slovenia to explore and experience one of the lesser known capitals of Europe.

The city is amazing and on point as a genuine hidden gem of travel, quickly being realized by those looking for an incredible experience. Ljubljana is full of hip neighborhoods, delicious restaurants (serving up traditional and international cuisine), quaint cafes, spacious parks, and stunning surrounding countryside.

We spent a total of 7 days exploring the city and the Ljubljana regional area. The focus of the trip was on activities and culinary. This video is a contemplation of some of our best moments highlighting pieces of those experiences.

We also made 5 additional Vlog videos going into much more detail during each experience which can be found beneath.

Castles, Caves and Kayaks in Ljubljana, Slovenia

In this vlog we highlight activities and culinary experiences in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

This small European capital has a ton of great experiences to offer and we decided to try and focus on exploring the countryside surrounding the city.

We get a great view of Ljubljana from it’s castle 250 metres up which is the most visited tourist attraction in Slovenia.

We go on a cycling tour of the city which has been named the greenest city in Europe for 2016, visiting parks and historic buildings.

We go caving- exploring an incredible underground network of caves, and finish by going on a chilled kayaking trip down Ljubljana river

I hope you like this video and stay tuned for more awesome adventures.

Cycling Food Tour in Ljubljana, and Exploring the Culinary Delights of Kamnik, Slovenia

In this video we explore more of the Ljubljana food scene and regional Slovenian dishes.

Food tour in Ljubljana

We check out a fresh food market, taste the best sausage in town, hear all about a mashed potato festival and try out one of the highly recommended restaurants in the city.

Culinary delights of Kamnik

Our culinary journey then heads to Kamnik where we try a variety of traditional soups, dumplings and potatoes.

Tasting Ljubljana and Exploring the Traditional Slovenian Cuisine

We take you to Ljubljana, Slovenia and begin to explore some of the culinary delicacies found in the city.

This quaint capital has a lot of amazing food options to discover and we were lucky to dive in head first.

We visit a smokehouse restaurant and eat some delicious meat dishes, have a sunny al fresco lunch in central Ljubljana and end the day trying a variety of authentic Slovenian dishes at a traditional restaurant, with some delicious accompanying Slovenian wine.

Exploring the Ljubljana Countryside by Bicycle and Tasting Craft Beer in Ljubljana City

In this video we explore more of the culinary delicacies found around the city, in the Ljubljana region.

Exploring the Ljubljana Countryside

We take you on a tour of the beautiful countryside surrounding Ljubljana showing some incredible drone footage as we head off on bikes through the rolling hills and green fields. We stop on the way to try traditional Slovenian specialities such as organic honey liqour.

We stop at a traditional Slovenian restaurant for lunch and try yak cheese followed by a craft beer tour from the first craft brewery in Slovenia.

SUP’ing, Golfing & High Ropes in Ljubljana, Kamnik, Slovenia

Let’s explore more activites, landscapes and the cultural and culinary treats of Slovenia.

SUP’ing, Golfing & High Ropes

We go Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUPing) down the river in Ljubljana followed by a game of golf. We get adventurous on a high wires course in the forests surrounding Ljubljana and take a trip to the quaint nearby town of Kamnik at the base of the mountains.

To end the trip we get a front seat view in the cockpit of my Adria Airways flight to Frankfurt – absolutely awesome!

A huge thanks to Visit Ljubljana for making all these experiences possible!!

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