Explore Skane, Southern Sweden

Skåne is a province located in southern Sweden, just a stone’s throw across the water from bustling Copenhagen in Denmark.

The province is well known for it’s beautiful scenery, outstanding culinary experiences and high quality of life. Visiting this region is one of the recommended things to do in Sweden.

A unique and charming countryside “shopping mall” opens in Kivik, Skåne 

Dating back to the beginning of the 17th century, Svabesholm Kungsgård is a horse farm that has been transformed to now offer a charming countryside ‘shopping mall’, with accommodation, dining, farm shops and event space, whilst maintaining its farm work.

Perfectly situated by the most southern national park in southern Sweden and surrounded by apple orchards, the farm is perfect for food and nature lovers to explore. Visit the café and country kitchen, the English garden or why not peek into any of the shops on the farm.

Ales stones, Sweden

Ales stones – Copyright: Frits Meyst WideOyster

Stand Up Paddleboard in Skåne’s capital, Malmö 

Visitors to Skåne’s capital, Malmö, can choose a guided tour or hire a private SUP to explore the city’s canals with What-Sup Malmö. To encourage saving the canal, the company also offers a 10% discount to those who collect any plastic they come across along route.

For those who aren’t keen on standing on the water, hop onto a boat tour of Malmo.

Brand new watersport in Skåne, Red Bird Watercycling

Red Bird Watercycling is a brand new experience in Southern Sweden, the first of its kind in Scandinavia, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy the nature of lakes and coast from out on the water, in a way that doesn’t impact on the beauty and the wildlife, or other people. 

Lake tours include Snogeholm or Sövde lakes, home to a diverse range of wildlife. Tours last two hours, after which guests are invited to enjoy a breakfast or Fika on the shore. The coastal tour offers a relazed experience to explore the coastline of the Baltic Sea at Ystad. Starting at Ystad Saltsjöbad, the tour heads east in the direction of Kåseberga and offers 360 degree views of the Baltic Sea, as guests follow the marine equivalent of the Österleden and pass the nature reserve Sandskogen.

There is a choice of two different styles of water cycle – the UP and the RECUMBENT. The UP is sitting in a position exactly the same as a regular bike, upright and with pedals, handlebar and seat in the usual way. Balancing is not an issue as the two red inflated floats offer support. For those who would feel more comfortable in a position lower on the cycle, with legs peddling in an extended motion, there is the RECUMBENT option. Price starts at £45 per person.

New Rooftop spa at Hotel Skansenin Båstad, Skåne

An amazing new spa has opened at the premium Hotel Skansen in Båstad. From the rooftop spa, with a combination of indoor and outdoor pools, a Jacuzzi, rooftop bar and relaxation areas, guests have an amazing view of the bay of Laholmsbukten. Båstad is well known as an area for wellness and outdoor activities, and the new spa will give the destination even more reason to travel to the Northwest parts of Skåne.

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