Cruises to Morocco: The Do’s and Dont’s

If you’re obsessed with the ocean and love to get around it, then consider the cruises to Morocco.

No doubt, this is one of the most overwhelming experiences. Experience it personally and you’ll know that it’s quite different as it is shown in the movies. Someone might just travel with a hope to find love (ahh!! Famous Titanic love story). Sorry to disappoint, but it’s hardly possible to find one on the cruise.

Yes, but you’ll fall in love with the ocean, it’s mesmerizing and fantabulous.

However, if you’re traveling to Morocco on Casablanca cruise for the first time then keep some do’s and don’ts in your mind. It’s not specifically for cruises to Morocco, but goes for all the tours and excursions in the country.

Meet & Greet

Never just be around the crew, confused and wandering with rude face expressions. Dine in with others, meet the strangers and be friends with them. Interact and initiate a conversation, it’s only necessary to make your days little more bearable because phone services go down and internet will cost you the huge amount of every single minute.

Respect the crew

Don’t get rude with the crew, of course, they will not throw you out in the ocean but try to calm yourself down. You’re on a journey with the possible uncertainties and it’s rude to blame the crew for it.

Roam around

Casablanca is a beautiful city with stunning views and huge markets around. Roam around, shop or just enjoy the stunning view of the spectacular landscapes.

Watch out for the shows

Before booking your cruise tour, inquire about the shows for all the days. Often they’ll inform you by themselves but just in case. Keep that list along and enjoy the shows.

Cruises to Morocco: Don’ts

Pack daily essentials with luggage

Never ever do the mistake of packing your daily essentials with your luggage, keep them in your backpack or handbags. In any other case, you’re going to regret it badly.

Forget medication

Watch out if you’ve seasickness. Take proper medication for it advised by the doctor.

Use the pools

The pools on the cruise are used by everyone. I am not that kind of hygienic freak but still, it doesn’t have to be in a must-do list. (anyways, it’s all your choice)

Just sit in your room

I know some people like me who love to read, relax and only want to be with themselves but cruise tour is not meant to have alone time. Don’t just sit in your room but try to mingle with the strangers. You’ll find enthusiasts, passionate individuals and some crazy people from different corners of the world. Just be any one of them because it’s always fun.

Cruise is a luxurious experience for many and for few, it’s just a tour of the ocean. Now it’s up to you that how you’re going to make it the memorable and spectacular tour of your life.

However, the list is limited and just a personal experience. If we are alike then it’s possible that you’ll agree but your experience is always welcome, let me know your thoughts on this. 

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