Club Med Maldives: Immerse Yourself in Paradise

Have you ever been to paradise? Where the sun warms your heart, the wind gently caresses your skin and the turquoise of the sea kisses your eyes? That’s what you’ll get when visiting Club Med Maldives.

Once you’ve been there, you won’t forget it!

Arrival to the Club Med Maldives Resort

From Frankfurt you can fly in 10 hours directly to the International Airport Malé in the Maldives.

The vacation starts as soon as you land. Once arriving at the airport, your journey will either continue by boat or, as in our case, by seaplane.

Club Med Maldives is 20 kilometers away and it takes about 35 minutes by speedboat. The water jetty of the club offers a wonderful panorama.

Club Med on Kani Island

For our Maldives trip with the kids, we chose Club Med on Kani Island. Why? Because people from all over the world meet there to enjoy the most relaxing hours of their lives in the idyll meeting point between sky and sand.

The small islands of the Maldives are car-free, which is especially relaxing with children. The kids can move around the entire island completely carefree and that makes this vacation with children, to this day, the best of their lives.

Culinary experience at Club Med

The food is fantastic.

Within the main restaurant, Le Vehli, there are more than 10 buffet stations where you can have the chefs prepare a variety of dishes for you. A salad island with everything a vegetable garden can offer, an Italian corner with pizza and pasta specialties, an area with local delicacies, sushi, other Asian specialties, a long dessert counter and much more invite you to feast here.

You can sit inside the restaurant or outside, directly with your feet in the sand. At noon and in the evening, the tables are set up directly on the beach. At lunchtime in the shade under tall coconut trees, in the evening reaching almost to the sea.

The meal is a real highlight of the day, because what could be better than to enjoy your lunch in front of this backdrop or to end the evening with the sound of the sea.

Next to the main restaurant, there is another restaurant, Le Kandu, which faces the lagoon. Here you can order “A la carte” and it is worth to spend your evening there, even if our kids preferred the main restaurant.

In the evening, there is a special spectacle: attracted by the light, reef sharks come up to the railing of the restaurant and cavort there for hours.

Small international snacks or a late breakfast are available during the day at the Kaana restaurant. Here you can sit comfortably in the shade and watch the table tennis players or just have a drink.

For those who have chosen the water bungalows on stilts, there is another dining option on the rondel in front of the water villas.

Here I celebrated my birthday and there was stunningly good food and afterwards a birthday cake with sparklers and a little serenade.

Water world

Dive into paradise or dive into the vast marine world.

Due to coral bleaching, the underwater landscape is unfortunately no longer quite as colorful and dazzling, but you can still see magical sea creatures: moray eels, water turtles and lots of sharks.

When you float in the bright blue surrounded by colorful schools of fish many meters below the surface of the sea, you really forget time and space.

The diving school is wonderful and our teenagers got their PADI diving license there within a few days. You might also meet instructor Martin from Austria there, who taught our girls how to dive with a lot of calmness. Also for under 10 year olds there is a trial dive tour with complete equipment around the dive center.

A real highlight for the smaller water mice.

Every morning and every afternoon boats leave for the snorkeling tour.

You should be there only a few minutes in advance, you can rent fins, goggles and vest on site if you don’t have your own equipment and off you go to always new, exciting snorkeling spots.

In the afternoon there is a sunset dolphin tour and if you are lucky you will end up in the middle of a group of dolphins.

The cheerful marine mammals are my absolute favorite animals and I was very enchanted when the dolphins swam next to our boat and did their air jumps around us.

Sport activities at Club Med Maldives

Do you love aqua fitness? Then get in the big pool in the heart of the club.

Or how about a sailing license? Then you can rent a hobby catamaran whenever you like and practice your tack and jibe in front of the white sand coast, let the wind blow in your face and enjoy the feeling of freedom.

Or you can take a guided kayak tour around the island. This is also great fun!

My favorite was Zumba, every noon at 4pm under the palm trees by the pool. Nowhere is Zumba as beautiful as with your feet in the sand and the view of the turquoise sea. It makes your hips move all by themselves, so to speak.

Of course, there is also BBP, yoga, a gym with a view of the sea and the great Flying Trapeze. Here you can swing and fall in the airy heights of several meters in the morning and afternoon with net and double bottom and get to know your acrobatic side.

It takes some courage but it’s good for you!

Kids & teens at Club Med Maldives

Entertainment for kids and teens is provided from early morning until late at night and you are happy about every moment you can spend together with your kids. Because they love the program of the Kids and Teen Club.

Table tennis, bocce, sailing and volleyball for the adults and painting, snorkeling, sailing or pool fun for the little ones. In addition, there are baking and cooking events or rehearsals for the children’s shows that take place several times a week.


In the evening there is always a motto: black, casual, all white, which most guests stick to.

And after dinner there is always a show. Sometimes it’s an acrobatic show under the giant tree in the heart of the club, sometimes it’s on the stage in the theater or even directly on the beach, integrated into the all-white party that takes place once a week.

All the entertainers take part in the shows and really give their all every time.


There are different areas of the club.

The one-story villas on the beach overlooking the sea, the rooms in the multi-story houses or especially recommended the water villas. This water villa area is a 5-star area and far more modern and beautiful than the rest of the club. Unfortunately also much more expensive. The 5-star area has its own bar, where there is finger food, concerts and other highlights in the evening.

We were half in the villas on the beach and half in the water bungalows and if you like to invest the money in luxurious moments, then definitely book the water villas. From the stilt houses you can glide directly over a staircase and swim ladder into the water, snorkel or just look into the sea.

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