Bike Buenos Aires: Best Bicycle Shops

Going to Argentina? Get yourself a bicycle and bike Buenos Aires!

Buenos Aires is the perfect South American city for cycling: cycling lanes span over 150kms, the subtropical climate is apt for pedaling all year round, there are no hills, the roads are in good condition and most of the streets are one way. Moreover, some local cafeterias contribute to make cycling more popular by offering free coffees and pastries for people on bicycles.

As the number of cycling Porteños gets bigger, the amount of shops selling more refined bicycles is on the increase: especially in the neighborhoods of Palermo, Recoleta and Belgrano. These are not only the capital’s design hubs, but also the forerunners of the new cycling era. Here, it’s possible to find anything from standard Dutch-style utility bicycles to hipster fixies. You just have to know where to look.

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1. Mμvin: movimiento urbano

A stylish, minimalist shop located next to one of the most transited cycling lanes in the city, Gorriti. Dedicated to urban movement, Mμvin is where you’ll find all your hipster gear from freight bicycles to trailers and road bicycles to Vanmoofs. While your bike is being repaired, immerse yourself into the cycling magazine, whilst enjoying a cup of tasty espresso on the house!

Address: Gorriti 5051

2. Rouen

Rouen is a classy Argentinean bicycle brand with a flagship shop focusing on classic and modern urban bikes. All Rouen’s bicycles are made out of steel, and are both designed and built locally. This little shop is perfect for anyone looking for a unique and functional Argentinean vehicle or for stylish accessories.

Address: Gorriti 5484

3. Monochrome

The bicycles of Monochrome can be divided into two categories: the classic, unicolored ones produced in Argentina, and the new streamlined ones produced mainly abroad. The classic series offers four different frames, and it’s even possible to design your own bicycle on the Monochrome’s webpage.

Address: Gorriti 5656

4. Via Bike French

Located in Recoleta, Via Bike French is a small shop selling both imported and Argentinean bicycles. What makes this miniature-sized shop stand out is its friendly staff and its funky interior design. Via Bike sells both new and used urban, mountain and folding bikes, as well as children’s bikes. There is also a service for repair and maintenance.

Address: French 2695

5. Schisano Bikes

This rough, punk-style shop is filled with graffiti and tags, and in front of the shop there’s a bench for clients and passersby. Schisano sells everything from urban, hybrid, cyclocross, mountain and children’s bikes to touring and folding bikes. There’s also a section for tools and accessories. As most shops in Buenos Aires, Schisano also does repairs and maintenance.

Address: Av. Córdoba 3300

6. Rodados La Esquina

This shop in Caballito is known for its long history and for its passion for promoting cycling. The staff are very professional, which makes up for the somewhat chaotic interior. Rodados sells urban, racing, mountain, folding, beach and cyclocross bicycles, as well as hybrids, free ride and children’s bicycles. Moreover, it offers tools and accessories, as well as repairs and maintenance.

Address: Av. Diaz Velez 5201

7. New Bikes

New Bikes is the largest shop in town, both in size and selection. It’s filled with various brands and different kinds of bicycles. New Bikes sells mountain, touring, racing, beach, urban and cyclocross bicycles and fixies. Moreover, this Belgrano based shop sells tools and accessories, as well as doing repairs and maintenance. Includes a specialized Shimano Service Center.

Address: Monroe 2364

8. Bici Urbana

Bici Urbana is quite a typical, Porteño-style bicycle shop. Nowadays Bici Urbana focuses mainly on urban bicycles, yet a couple of mountain bikes are always on sale. The colorful shop will provide a good bike for anyone looking for a basic city rider. Bici Urbana also sells handlebar bags, panniers, helmets and the occasional skateboard.

Address: La Pampa 2455

9. Nodari

The second eldest shop in Buenos Aires, still owned by Nodari. In addition to repairs and maintenance, Nodari sells mountain, folding, cyclocross, road, urban and children’s bicycles. As for spares or more demanding repairs, Nodari is no doubt the place to be. This shop is known for its impeccable professionalism, even among South American bicycle tourers.

Address: Díaz Vélez 4686

10. Soho Bike Palermo

Soho Bike Parermo is nowhere near the tip of the iceberg amongst the hippest bicycle shops in town. However, it’s the place to head to if you’re tight on cash. Soho Bike sells handy folding bikes and the evergreen playeras (beach bikes). For those looking for some quality spares, this is where you’ll also find Shimano components!

Address: Costa Rica 440

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