Best Views in Prague: The Towers

There are loads of things to do in Prague making it such an easy city to visit without planning ahead too much.

But, take a look at photos of the city and one of the most glaring things you’ll notice is the number of spires and towers everywhere. After all, this isn’t called the City of One Hundred Spires for nothing. Luckily, you don’t have to go too far to experience some of the best views in Prague.

Where are the best views in Prague?

What many travelers don’t realize is that many of Prague’s towers and spires can accessed for a small fee. The views from the top of each one is unique and without a doubt, spectacular. And, if you’re after that quintessential Prague photo, climbing one of the many towers is a must-do.

Old Town Hall tower

The first, and possibly best tower to visit is the Old Town Hall tower right on Old Town Square. This tower offers arguably the best 360-degree view of the city and it’s the heart of everything. At the top you’ll find four balcony sides each with a unique perspective of Prague. Of course, you get a fantastic bird’s eye view of the square below, but you can also see the Jewish Quarter, Prague Castle, Nove Mesto and other notable spots from here.

Towers on Charles Bridge

After Old Town Hall, I would recommend the two towers on Charles Bridge. Both towers offer incredible views of the bridge, historical exhibitions inside and many other views that you would never get from walking the crowded sidewalks. In fact, the tower on the Old Town side of Charles Bridge gives you access to the roof adding a bit of a thrill to your picture taking.

Baroque Bell tower of St. Nicholas’s Church

In Mala Strana, or Lesser Town, another tower worth visiting is the Baroque bell tower of St. Nicholas’ Church. This tower was built in 1755 and inside you’ll get a flashback of history as you see the original tower bells, wooden rafters and a superb view of Mala Strana. But that’s not all. As you climb to the top of the tower, visit the room where the secret police once used to spy on citizens below. It’s an authentic replica right down to the cheesy decor.

Tower on Petrin hill

Lastly, the tower on Petrin hill might be the most notable in Prague. It’s a replica of the Eiffel Tower and begs to be climbed for the pristine views. The local story says that Hitler gave orders to have this tower torn down, but thankfully it’s still with us standing high above the city, just waiting for your footsteps.

These towers are just a few examples of seeing Prague from a different perspective as well as offering the best views in Prague. Visit any of these for a break from the crowds and to get those postcard views for your camera.

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