Best Things to Do in Prague

If you have never before been to Prague, this year is your chance to remedy that.

The city itself has so much to offer, from history, to adventure, to food and beer and some amazing wines. It is easy to get around town, and you can get practically everywhere on foot, which makes this the perfect city to explore during an extended weekend. Naturally, you will not be able to see everything you need to see about Prague in three days or so, but it is a great start.

Prague is also famous for hosting some amazing events all year round, and if you are looking for the location of your next big conference or business meeting, the city is your playground. You should make sure to use the expertise of a DMC company to help you plan this event. You will surely be able to plan an unforgettable time in the Czech Republic.

General facts about Prague

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, and as such, it is visited by most tourists who come to the country. This is mostly true during the Christmas market, in the winter, and in spring, when city breaks are popular and affordable from most European countries. There can be quite a crowd in the streets at times, but you will always be able to get around just fine. The prices are fair and you can find a meal and accommodation to fit any pocket. The pub scene in the city is one of the very best on the continent, and the local dishes are great. What is even better is the beer, and you can easily find a pub that will cater to all your taste buds.

If you are arriving by plane, you can grab a cab or a bus from the airport – both are rather affordable. Buses also arrive from most European capitals, so you can choose to see some of the country on the road, or arrive by car and explore even more of the Czech Republic that way.

If you’re visiting Prague for a long weekend, then check out our 3 day Prague itinerary and video below:

Explore Old Town

Our advice is to start your exploration at the Old Town, and the Old Town Square, where you will see the famous Astronomical Clock, which is undoubtedly one of the most famous landmarks of the city. The streets around the square are lovely, as are the pub and restaurants, and you can enjoy a day of strolling around and getting a real feel for the atmosphere of the city and mingle. You should also use the opportunity to take some great pictures.

Visit Prague Castle

From the square, you can walk down to the river and bask in the view of its wonderful bridges. You will also be able to take some great snaps of Prague Castle while there. You can take the opportunity to pop into a pub for another pint, and mix with the locals.

Explore the Lesser Town

Another section of Prague to explore is the Lesser Town, where you will find the Church of Our Lady Victorious, and the Infant of Prague. Another great area to keep exploring on foot. Naturally, you need to visit the Castle too, where you can climb either by funicular or elevator. The view from up top is breathtaking, and you should also make sure you go on one of the guided tours of this landmark.

The history of the city is captured in many guidebooks, and you could only benefit from taking one with you. An even better option is to explore yourself, and learn everything you feel curious about.

The Charles Bridge

Crossing the Vlatva River, the Charles Bridge is often regarded as one of Prague’s most popular sight. Starting at 9am it becomes more than just a bridge, and changes into a 500m-long market, with a force of tourists squeezing through a gauntlet of hawkers and buskers underneath the impassible gaze of the baroque statues that decorate the parapets.

Enjoy the Christmas markets

If you are visiting the city in wintertime, you need to visit the Christmas market, where the true spirit of Prague comes to life. Try some of the delectable food bites from one of the stalls, or enjoy some more of the local beers and wines. You can easily do all your Christmas shopping here, but don’t go overboard and remember that you still need to take all of those things home with you. This is one of the best things to do in Prague during Christmastime.

Eating Out

At Czech restaurants, tradition implies hearty. However there are some innovative places that are worth checking out. The chefs at La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise qualify their menus Bohemian with a twist. Each of the seven services is preceded with its own amuse-bouche, so allow at least three hours for a meal. But time flies faster than you think!

Here we have a whole article with travel tips about where to eat and drink best in Prague.

Bunkr Parukarka

The Cold War ended two decades ago, but Bunkr Parukarka keeps the praise going. Housed in what was a 1950s nuclear bunker, this quirky nightclub welcomes revelers through a graffiti-covered entrance  Inside, the venue pulsates with avant-garde electro-pop and energetic tracks, spun by some of the city’s top DJs.

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