Best Day Trips from Sao Paulo

The city of São Paulo is only one hour driving from the Paulista Coast, which is a typical Brazilian region full of splendid beaches and great seafood. There are some great day trips from Sao Paulo to explore more of the region.

The young and the old of São Paulo alike head there on the weekends to enjoy the sand, sun and fun.

You can take a bus to your chosen destination at the Terminal Rodoviario Tiete Bus Station, Metrô Portuguesa-Tietê station (blue line). Note the telephone code changes from 11 to 12 (northern coast – São Sebastião and remaining cities to the north) or 13 (Bertioga and remaining cities to the south) as you travel from Greater São Paulo to the Paulista Coast. All coded from 14 to 19 are upstate São Paulo.

The rich agricultural state offers winter destinations, upscale retreats and large Rodeos.

Here are some of the best day trips from Sao Paulo


As the name suggests, it is a beautiful island with lavish vegetations. Home away from home for rich sailers.


(1h journey by car) – Estuary city near São Paulo, home to Pelé’s famous football team Santos F.C. and Brazil’s most important seaport.

This day trip from Sao Paulo includes visits to Santos & Guarujá.

The tour kicks off in São Paulo, where you’ll soak in breathtaking views of the Atlantic Forest, one of the world’s most diverse and lush jungles.

Next stop, Santos – home to Latin America’s largest and most iconic port. It’s not just famous for its role as an immigrant gateway but also for being the epicenter of Brazil’s renowned coffee exports. Dive into the coffee’s rich history at the Coffee Museum, gaining insight into its pivotal role in Brazil’s economy.

Then, hop on a tram for a delightful tour through the city’s historic center, taking in the grandeur of its key buildings, squares, and monuments. We’ll cap it off with a trip up Monte Serrat for jaw-dropping panoramic city views.

But that’s not all! Your Santos adventure includes a visit to the Pelé Museum, a tribute to the 20th century’s soccer legend, and the Memorial das Conquistas do Santos F.C., celebrating the two-time world champion soccer club of the 1960s. Let’s make some unforgettable memories!

Price: From: USD $341

Duration:8 hours

Starts: 10am

Offered in: Español, English, Portugues


(1h journey by car) – Many paulistanos have their beach houses in this town, which becomes packed with tourists during the summer months of December, January and February.


(2h journey by car via Moji das Cruzes; slightly longer via Santos and the ferry): just NE of Santos and Guaruja, this beach town hosts a variety of annual festas which include the Japanese (October), Italians (November), and indigenous Brazilian Indians (nearest weekend to 19 April). These are set up at the park and beach next to Fort São João at the mouth of the river. Don’t miss the waterfall on the way down the mountain (via Moji das Cruzes), as there’s no access on the return trip.

São Sebastião

Second in preference for summer houses, the beaches of São Sebastião are a mixture of rustic paradisiac nature with first class night life. Stay in a room facing the greenish ocean of the state’s north shore and forget the city.


(3h journey by car) – Beautiful beaches are the main attraction of this place. Hotels sometimes provide leisure activities such as scuba diving, mountain biking and trekking. The city is known for providing a good surfing environment.

Campos do Jordao 

(2h journey by car) -Charming little town in the mountains, at 1,600 m high. Well-off paulistanos buy their winter house in Campos do Jordao, due in part to the famous winter classic music festival in July, when the high season takes place in town. Many upscale club and bar owners go up the mountain and promote events and parties at this time of the year.

Embu das Artes

Town just Southwest of Sao Paulo, known for its talented local artists. If you are looking for authentic Brazilian art, handicrafts, furniture, or just want to browse around some really cool shops, this is the place to go.


(40 minutes journey by car) – It’s a famous city for its viniculture tradition. Every year the Festa da Uva (The Grape Party) takes place.


A city famous for its adventure leisure activities, rafting being the most famous one. It’s 257 km away from Sao Paulo, or a 3-hour drive.


Up at the northeast tip of the state is where Brazil’s largest rodeo party takes place, bringing together the best in Brazilian and world country music to a week festival.


(1h and 30 minutes journey) – Millionaires addicted to the Polo lifestyle have always loved this town and its Helvétia neighborhood. Today, the region that began as a small swiss colony holds the highest density of private Polo fields in the world.

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