Belgium Beyond Waterloo: Villers Abbey – Go Back in Time

Belgium Beyond Waterloo: Villers Abbey – Go Back in Time

Villers Abbey is a ruin of an ancient Cistercian abbey, nicely located in a small valley close to Villers-la-Ville. It’s huge, full of history and simply a spectacular sight. It provides many photo opportunities from all the different angles at the different halls.

Are you interested to experience more about what it was like to live in the 12th Century?

Then choose the tablet tour, which includes augmented reality. I’ve tested it and it was full of excellent information, provided in a playful way. It comes with the story of Odelin, a murdered boy who once helped to build the abbey who since then wanders the grounds as a ghost. During the story, which takes you through the different parts of the abbey, you have several tasks to accomplish in order to find out what happened to him. It’s your turn to enter into the past… See a preview video here.

There is also a medicinal herb garden which allows you to imagine how the monks once used it. You might also have the chance to visit one of their many festivals like the Night of Choirs.

They even brew their own beer at Villers Abbey. Try the Abbaye de Villers V. This beer is produced using information found in the abbey brewery accounts archives dating back to 1720-1721 and 1766-1768. This is very close to 100% authentic traditional Belgian beer.

Go and check it out at the Micro-brasserie de l’Abbaye, next to the abbey.

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