A Paradise of Shelters in Denmark

A thing about travelling is, that you usually seek to travel to destinations abroad.

Often you will have a bigger chance to experience another culture, by doing this, but people sometimes forget about their own native countries possibilities and treasures. I thought a lot about that and decided to explore my home country – in particular the shelters in Denmark.

There aren’t any overwhelming nature phenomena, a culinary kitchen or world wonders in Denmark, but there is a beautiful, untouched, rural nature. And that’s why you should go on a trip through Denmark, either by bicycle or foot, while living in shelters.

For those who doesn’t know what a shelter in Denmark is, let me explain

It is a primitive overnight stay, with a fireplace. Short it’s a wooden roof, sometimes with 3 walls. It’s like a kind of a primitive wooden cabin. It actually feels like you’re sleeping outside, but still with a roof to protect you, in case it gets rainy. You can almost use all of them without any charge.

You should definitely try it!

(But do it in the summer, the weather isn’t that great in fall or spring: it’s almost raining all day. Not to mention wintertime with the freezing cold wind and the snow, of course.)

Nevertheless, in the summertime it’s perfect!

The peaceful nature makes you feel relaxed and sets your mind free. It’s like a calm survivor trip, where you are making a fire, for the barbecue, and discover the beauty of the forest or the seaside. I think the trip is for people who just need a getaway from all the modern technology and the hectic and noisy cities.

Sometimes you even meet other travellers out there in the middle of nowhere. In small Denmark there are thousand of shelters, all around the country.

Exploring Aalborg

Last summer I went to a small island outside Aalborg, located in the northern part of Jutland, called Egholm.

It’s an attractive place for tourists, but it’s still a place worth telling about. There isn’t really that much on the island, other then a restaurant, a school camp and off course a lot of nature. Even though I didn’t go to the restaurant, it’s worth mentioning that they serve the traditional roasted eel.

But the best part is still the pure nature!

It’s a good combination of beach, forest and uncultivated ground. There are a lot of small paths around the island and it’s really worth the walk. The hole thing about the outdoor living, including sleeping and eating, is just a great thing and worth trying. I loved it!

If you’re bringing a smartphone, you can get an app called “Shelter”. It’s in Danish, but you don’t really need to read anything. It’s a satellite map marked with almost all the shelters in Denmark. It’s a really nice and practical app, for those who want to get around on their own. If you need any help, the main population of Denmark speaks and understands fluent English.

Even though you might not be persuaded, it is definitely something worth experiencing.

I’ve already said it a few times, I’ll do it again: it’s worth it.

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