A Guide to Torres Del Paine Trekking

I do not know why, must be inherent in the human being, but it is obvious that when you get here it’s impossible not to feel special, you’re in one of the most southerly parts in the world, Chilean Patagonia.

The main attraction is easily Torres del Paine National Park. The diversity of nature is the best way to describe this place, because of the large numbers and variety of lakes, rivers, flora, fauna, glaciers, ancient forests, waterfalls, etc. The best way to travel is through their paths. There are two main routes for Torres Del Paine trekking, the “W” and “O”.

The “W” is the most used route and it takes between 5 and 6 days. Choosing this one, you will see the main attractions of the park: the base of the Towers and Horns of Paine, unique rock formations shaped by the nature and Grey Glacier, the largest in the place. Join this 6-day trek on the W Route.

There is also the “O” route, the longest one, which takes between 10 and 11 days. Here you will explore the Grey Glacier, the base of the Towers and Horns of Paine. The route allows a complete turn to the park, adding new attractions, such as a Field of Daisies, the Dickson Glacier, Dogs Glacier and one of the most spectacular views of the Southern Ice Fields.

Important Torres Del Paine Trekking Tips

How to Get to Torres Del Paine National Park from Santiago

1. – Travel to Punta Arenas. There are daily flights from Santiago, with LAN airline and SKY airline

2. – From Punta Arenas, travel to Puerto Natales. There are several bus companies offering the service.

3. – From Puerto Natales there are buses to take you to the park entrance.

Torres Del Paine Accommodation Options

There are shelters located along the routes. They have restrooms, grocery (expensive) and different types of accommodations (rooms and camping sites). The price if you sleep in a tent is around USD 9 per person per night.

Trekking Equipment Needed

1. – As a southern location the weather is very unpredictable, so it is advisable to have waterproof clothing.

2. – In Torres del Paine is a protagonist, the wind, so a tent support between 60 and 90 km / h is very important.

3. – There are long walks, so go light is needed. Learn well, so do not take things just in case!

General Torres Del Paine Recommendations

1. – The best weather is between December and March.

2. – Take several batteries for your camera with you. It is difficult to get plug.

3. – Do not throw trash away. Take it with you and keep your environment clean!

4. – Always use sunscreen on the walks.

5. – Stay on the trails.

6. – Enjoy the place!

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