A Guide to Hiking in Sintra, Portugal

If you’re visiting Lisbon and want to get away from the city and immerse yourself in the beautiful countryside, hiking in Sintra should definitely be at the top of your to-do list. 

Sintra is one of the most scenic areas in Portugal. It would make sense that hiking in Sintra would give you some of the most amazing views that you can only experience on foot. 

However, if you want to hike Sintra, you should know a few things before you embark on your trip. Here is everything you need to know about the best hikes in Sintra.

Planning to go hiking in Sintra

One thing to be aware of is the kind of experiences you’ll have to choose when hiking Sintra. 

There are many hikes in Sintra that range from 1 hour up to 5, so make sure you bring your hiking essentials with you before you arrive! 

You might want to bring some essential gear: a pair of comfortable shoes with rubber soles fit for hiking, appropriate active clothing that keeps you comfortable, a warm jacket or outer layer, and adequate water and food supplies for your hike’s duration. 

One of the best ways to sort out all your hike planning before you even arrive is by booking a Sintra Half Day Trekking Tour. All you have to do is arrive (with your gear, of course), and your tour guide will show you all the best secret sights that can only be seen when hiking Sintra. 

It can be hard to nail down the specific sites you might want to see when hiking Sintra.

Here are our top picks:

Sintra Palace hike

Hiking Sintra Palace to Pena Palace is an 11-kilometre (6.8 miles) distance that can be achieved in 3-4 hours. It will take you through some of the top attractions in the region, making it one of the most picturesque hikes in Sintra. 

This is a great way to spend a day in Sintra. Some of the sites you’ll see when you hike Sintra this way include the Palacio da Pena, one of the most famous landmarks in the Sintra area.

Want to hike this route with a group? Join a guided Sintra Half Day Trekking Tour, and you’ll see all the area has to offer.

Seteais Trail

If you’re new to hiking in general but still want to have fun hiking in Sintra, this is a great choice. 

The Seteais trail is only 3.5 kilometres (2.2 miles) and will take you through the 18th-century Palace of Seteais, a hallmark of neoclassicism. While the route is short, you can expect a challenging incline that will get you warmed up for longer treks. 

At the top of the hill, you’ll be rewarded with the most fantastic views of the city below, set amongst the mountainous hills. This is one of the most exciting hikes in Sintra that you could experience. 

Rota das Quintas 

Another unique place to remember when hiking in Sintra is the Rota das Quintas.

It is one of the most uniquely Portuguese routes. It leads to traditional manor homes known as Quintas, including the famous Quinta da Regaleira. The most notable part of this estate is the Initiation Well. This inverted tower leads to a secret underground tunnel. You could also spend your time hiking Sintra in the Quinta da Regaleira Park. It includes over 4 hectares (10 acres) of land that spans grottos, fountains and turrets set amongst lush gardens. 

The short route, also known as PR5, starts at the Sintra National Palace, leading to Rua Barbosa du Bocage. There is a spectacular waterfall along this route, making it one of the most peaceful hikes in Sintra. 

You can expect winding paths and many shady trees to accentuate this hike. 

Cruz Alta

Found in Pena Park, Cruz Alta is one of the must-see stops when hiking in Sintra.

Meaning High Cross in English, Cruz Alta is situated at the highest point of Pena Park, offering sweeping views of the surrounding area. 

This is one of the hikes in Sintra that is best known for being a great spot to take photographs. It offers one of the best views of Pena Palace that one could expect without actually visiting the landmark itself!

Don’t skip hiking in Sintra

If you’re itching to hike Sintra, you should ensure you dedicate at least half a day to this activity. 

You can expect some of the most unique and picturesque hikes in Sintra, as most of the landmarks are deeply rooted in the history of Portugal. 

Whether you’re after a 4-hour hike or a quicker 60-minute trek, we’re sure you’ll find hiking Sintra a fantastic experience. 

Remember that it’s easy to book a guided half-day hike if you want to make short work of planning hiking routes for your day visit to Sintra! 

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